Sloppy Joe Pizza

Looking for an easy dinner idea? How about using Rhodes dinner rolls to make pizza? I’ve got a Sloppy Joe Pizza and of course, dessert: Cinnamon Glaze Pizza!

Sloppy Joe Pizza using dinner rolls and an easy ground turkey sloppy joe sauce!

Cinnamon Glazed Pizza using dinner rolls!

This is such a hectic time of year, agreed? Trying to get ready for the holidays, whatever that may include for your family.

I have a mental punch list of all the fun things I want to do with my family during this season. Sledding, movies, ice skating, zoo lights, etc. One thing that seems to get forgotten is dinner.

Not that we forget to eat, oh no no no. It’s just that I forget to plan dinner menus. I never know what FUN thing we may be doing next, ha!

So, in an effort to save time, I used some delicious Rhodes Dinner Rolls to make pizza. These are perfect for Friday night movie nights.  We made a sloppy joe version with ground turkey and homemade sauce!

Of course I had to make a dessert version too…they were both a big hit.

Stop on over at RHODES blog today to get the recipes!

**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rhodes Bread who compensated me to create a recipe using their product. All opinions expressed are my own. 


10 comments on “Sloppy Joe Pizza”

  1. Aimee, I have been feeling the exact same way about dinner–It gets to be 7 o’clock, and suddenly realize I have nothing on the menu! Love this simple, yummy idea. Hope you and the fam are enjoying checking off your holiday lists 🙂

  2. We love to make pizza with Rhodes rolls. Welcome to the Rhodes blogging team!

  3. Oh now I am intrigued! Sloppy joe on a pizza! Sounds delicious!

  4. Ann

    Skip the bun and do sloppy joes with a crust, great idea!

  5. This is a great idea. Your pictures make me hungry.

    Sounds delicious. How long does it take to make it?

  6. I think we’ve eaten canned soup more than I care to admit this month! I haven’t had time to make the dinner’s I’d like to make! This would be perfect and dessert is even better!

  7. Definitely need a meal like this these days! Love how easy it is to make both the main course and dessert!

  8. I know I feel like I am cramming every fun thing possible in to the next 2 weeks while I’m visiting my family. Definitely going to need to cram a few of these awesome pizzas in somewhere too! 😀

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