Cranberry Orange Smoothie

January 4, 2015

Start your day off right with a healthy Cranberry Orange Smoothie! Add in some protein powder for a great post workout treat! Love this recipe? Sign up for Shugary Sweets email subscription and never miss out again! Happy New Year!! (I know I’m a few days late) Before I start chatting about this smoothie, I […]

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Cranberry Orange Fudge

August 22, 2014

Cranberry Orange Fudge: this is a delicious sweet treat for any time of year! Craisins and orange zest give this soft, sweet fudge a kick of flavor! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! Let’s grab a few extra minutes of summer with this Cranberry Orange Fudge. It’s like summer in every […]

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Cranberry Orange Bread

June 23, 2014

 Sweet Cranberry Orange Bread is the perfect breakfast for you and your family. Grab a slice with your morning coffee, or serve it with a cup of milk! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ Sweet breads are one of my weaknesses. As many of you know I love my morning coffee. And what goes better […]

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Honey Orange Glazed Pork

June 12, 2014

Want a delicious dinner idea? How about making this Honey Orange Glazed Pork Tenderloin? Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ You all have been so sweet. The emails. The comments on my blog. We are less than three weeks away from our big move to Illinois, and you all still come here. Waiting for recipes. […]

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Orange Scones

February 16, 2014
Orange Scones: copycat Panera recipe

Forget Panera, these copycat Orange Scones taste amazing. Plus, you get more for your money! BONUS. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ My family doesn’t do fast food very much at all. Panera, Chipotle and Subway are what we consider “fast food” around here. When it comes to Panera, I’m weak to the pastries. Those […]

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Orange Julius Fudge

May 21, 2013
Orange Julius Fudge: creamy orange fudge with a copycat Orange Julius twist! #orange #fudge

Ready to go back in time with me? Anyone remember going to the mall as a teen in big plastic hoop earrings, wearing BIG hair and jeans rolled up at the bottom? Don’t forget the shirt hanging off one shoulder, the two pairs of colored socks, and the bright pink lipgloss? Yeah, that was me […]

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Chocolate Orange Cookies

May 7, 2013
Chocolate Orange Cookies: Orange Cake mix cookies rolled in mini Chocolate morsels! Irresistible combo! #cakemix #duncanhines

Orange Cake mix cookies rolled in mini Chocolate morsels! An irresistible cookie combination! I know I have mentioned this many times, but Monday’s at our house are cookie baking day! I love starting our week off with fresh baked cookies. Many times, it’s “regular chocolate chip” cookies, per my kids request. But sometimes I like […]

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Orange Cream and Nutella Turnovers

April 14, 2013
Orange Cream and Nutella Turnovers: a quick and tasty breakfast idea using Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry from

These turnovers are made super simple by using Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry! Half are made with Nutella and the other half are made with a Creamy Orange Cheesecake filling! You decide your favorite. I love making  a simple treat that is so impressive. It makes me look like a rock star in the kitchen. I […]

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Chocolate Orange Biscotti

April 7, 2013
Chocolate Orange Biscotti: a delicious breakfast treat, COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST! @shugarysweets

My mind always is thinking of the next great biscotti recipe. Anyone else with me on this? Okay, so maybe not everyone thinks the same way I do. But, biscotti is a delicious, crunchy treat that is perfect for breakfast. Seriously, cookies for breakfast. And because biscotti is totally acceptable, you can put anything in […]

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Orange, Lemon and Lime Citrus Cookies

January 3, 2013
Lemon, Lime and Orange Cookies- chewy, sweet cookies with citrus zest and rolled in sugar #cookies #citrus @shugarysweets

Back in December I shared a confession with all of you. I was part of a fun cookie exchange, and one of the cookies I received were Cranberry Orange Cookies. And I ate the entire batch. My family had no idea they even arrived until I shared the photo. Knowing how good the cookies were […]

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Mandarin Salad and an iPad Giveaway

January 1, 2013
Mandarin Salad: delicious, crisp salad with sugared pecans, mandarin oranges and homemade dressing!

This is another great recipe given to me by my grandma. And since it’s the New Year, I thought we would start it off right. With salad. And sweet sugared cinnamon pecans. Okay, so it’s not the healthiest of all salads, but c’mon people. I’m trying here. Just like in real life, I’ll be back […]

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Cranberry Orange Biscotti

November 6, 2012

And the biscotti obsession continues. I think I told you several months back (okay, it was May) that I had made three different flavors of biscotti for some company one weekend. This is the third flavor I made. Sorry it took so long to share, I’m sure you were on the edge of your seat […]

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Orange Chicken

March 14, 2011
Orange Chicken recipe

I know, you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for me to post my orange chicken recipe! Well, the wait is over, here it is! If you make it soon you will realize it’s worth the wait. Unless of course you don’t like orange chicken. Here’s the thing about me […]

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