Peanut Butter Caramel Corn with Butterfingers

December 11, 2012

I’ve got two awesome recipes for you today! Just because I love you, and it’s the season of giving! As I’ve mentioned before, I have 4 kids. When you add up all the coaches, teachers, Sunday School leaders, music instructors (and I’m sure I’m leaving someone out) it adds up to a lot of people […]

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Payday Caramel Corn

September 25, 2012
Caramel Corn that tastes like a Payday candy bar! With peanuts and candy corn!

By now I’m sure many people are aware that if you mix candy corn in a bowl with peanuts it tastes like a Payday Candy bar. Yes?   I just happened to take this snack mix one step further by mixing in with homemade caramel corn.   Oh, and I topped it with some white […]

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For a POPular Teacher- Gift Idea

May 2, 2012

I’ve said it before, but I am NOT a crafty person. I’ve tried to be in the past. I have every scrapbooking punch, stamp, sticker and paper. Have I used them for scrapbooking in the past, oh say, 4 years? nope. Well, totally not true. See the punch on the side of the tag? Yep, […]

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Fluffernutter Caramel Corn

February 7, 2012
Fluffernutter Caramel Corn: homemade caramel corn with Reese

I love popcorn. Salty, buttery popcorn! But I have this other problem, I really love caramel corn. Because of this problem I tend to raid my candy shelf in the pantry and toss things into my caramel corn. This time I made my caramel corn recipe, but instead of coating it in white chocolate, I mixed […]

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Cherry Vanilla Caramel Corn

January 25, 2012
Cherry Vanilla Caramel Corn: homemade caramel corn recipe topped with vanilla candy coating and cherry candies!

Can you all tell I am on a cherry kick lately? Some people equate Valentine’s day with chocolate, but for me it’s cherries. And pink food. Especially candy. And now, I will also forever look forward to Cherry flavored m&m’s at Valentine’s. Have you tried these? They are simply amazing. I thought about putting them […]

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