Apple Kringle

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Apple Kringle: delicious apple streudel made from scratch
Isn’t this tray GORGEOUS? 
I think so too.  
(yes, the apple kringle is too…but look at that tray!)
When Nambe contacted me to see if I’d be interested in hosting a giveaway, I immediately replied to that email YES!
Everything they sell is absolutely stunning.
Apple Kringle: delicious apple streudel made from scratch
Nambe’s pieces are of the best quality and the beauty outshines any food you make. That says a lot coming from this baker girl! Their products would be a perfect gift for a bride and groom, an anniversary, or just a big splurge! I’ve already picked out some other items I LOVE.
This tray is made of acacia wood and has sturdy alloy handles. I’m in LOVE with this tray. The tray retails for $225 (and one of you will get it FREE).
**you can see all the specifications HERE 
I know you all will be pleasantly surprised how gorgeous it is as well.
Also, be sure to scroll down and check out the recipe for this beautiful Apple Kringle. Just in time for fall entertaining!
Apple Kringle: delicious apple streudel made from scratch

Apple Kringle


For the Crust:

  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp water

For the Filling:

  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 Tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 apple, very thinly sliced (I kept peel on, your choice)

For the Glaze:

  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, softened
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp milk


  1. For the crust, mix ingredients together until fully combined. Dough will be sticky. On a large parchment paper lined baking sheet, shape dough into a 13inch by 4inch rectangle. (will be thin, try to make even thickness).
  2. In a small saucepan, heat water with butter until it boils. Remove from heat and bean in flour. Add eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Mixture will be paste-ish, it's perfect.
  3. Lay sliced apples over first layer (crust). Then pour (drop) layer of "filling" over the apples. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes. Remove and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Slide parchment paper onto cooling rack and continue to cool completely.
  4. For the frosting, beat butter with vanilla, cinnamon, milk and powdered sugar until desired consistency. Frost kringle while slightly warm (NOT HOT). Let set about 20 minutes. ENJOY.

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174 comments on “Apple Kringle”

  1. Beautiful Tray!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks so much for this giveaway, I would use my tray to display my healthy treats on when I have company over!

  3. Beautiful tray – would be great for serving cheese and crackers on Thanksgiving. Fabulous recipes on
    your blog too!

  4. I love their products!! I would use the tray for breads and muffins at a brunch

  5. I would use it for cupcakes, my favorite! Although that apple kringle looks great, too!

  6. I would use it for cupcakes or cookies. I love making them!

  7. Oh my jeepers, that tray is gorgeous!! I would use it to display many yummy things, and be very very nice to it. It would have a good home here, and make lots of friends, especially with the new cutting board I have my eye on! 🙂

  8. That wood is absolutely amazing! Would love the tray for the holidays 🙂 plus apple anything is delicious! Yum!!

  9. What a beautiful tray! I would use it for coffee & brunches! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I would put it on display. Maybe, I would use it for only very special holidays, like my birthday!

  11. Just in time for all the upcoming holidays, I could use this tray for all sorts of desserts from Thanksgiving to Christmas and everything in between!

  12. I would use this tray to bring special treats to the groups of young women that I mentor. It is stunning!

  13. Rebecca N

    I would use this tray to showcase my cookies for our big holiday cookie exchange!

  14. Kate S.

    Gorgeous tray! I would keep it sitting out on my corner cabinet in my living room because it’s too beautiful to put away! I’d most likely use it to serve drinks and/or snacks to my friends.

  15. To serve some sort of yummy at our weekly lifegroup night!

  16. Mmm, your apple kringle looks superb.

  17. that kringle looks so good! I’d take soooo many food photos on that baby – it’s perfect and stunning!

  18. Apple Kringle sounds wonderful, and tray would be nice too!

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  20. i would love this tray to set appetizers/snacks on during football season!

  21. I would use the tray for family night snacks!

  22. Anonymous

    I would put a flower vase and some sugary sweets.

  23. That is a gorgeous tray!!!! Nambe has some of the most amazing pieces! I see loads of Christmas cookies out for a party on this!!!

  24. This tray is gorgeous! I would use it for cookies, of course.

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  26. well i came here to check out the delicious apple kringle recipe as i have a crisper full of apples and need to use them up, but then i also saw the lovely tray. i think it would be wonderful as a cheese and fruit tray : ) thanks for the recipe and giveaway!

  27. The tray is gorgeous! I would use it to serve all the yummy recipes I steal from your blog! Oh, and it would be awesome to use at my Tastefully Simple parties!

  28. Anonymous

    The tray is really beautiful… I would probably use it to serve pumpkin bread, as we are entering ‘that time’ of year 🙂

  29. Beautiful tray! I would use it to serve birthday treats this month. We have 2 birthdays coming up!

  30. The tray is gorgeous. I can see it with pumpkin muffins sitting on top!

  31. DB

    I could use the tray to serve snacks at parties, or goodies at out holiday parties. It is so beautiful!

  32. This is interesting apple recipe 🙂 for a change instead of that usual applie pie it would be really nice to try it

  33. Would love a tray like this for serving all kinds of goodies!! And lovin’ the recipe!

  34. I would use this for my upcoming holiday party!

  35. Terri

    I would use it serve breads and muffins.

  36. This is a beautiful tray!! And the plates are nice too!

  37. I’m going to use it in photos because it is that stunning! Oh, and make this kringle too. SO GOOD.

  38. to bring desserts out to the backyard

  39. Anonymous

    I want it to bring snacks upstairs to our tv room. 🙂

  40. The tray would be lovely for serving an assortment of mini muffins. Thank you!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  41. Ahhhh, I love this tray. Would be a great gift I’d use all the time! My teens have friends over all the time and this would help me manage all the snacks between the kitchen and the basement TV room! Love this kringle recipe sooooo much also!!

  42. Would put this to good use for the upcoming holidays …it’s do pretty…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com

  43. Oh my gosh your apple kringle looks amazing!!! The tray is also very beautiful!!

  44. yvette

    I would love this tray!!

  45. Anonymous

    This would make an excellent gift for my daughter and son in laws first anniversary plus I would make them your Apple Kringle as well as making some extra for myself! Both look awesome!

  46. Kim

    I would put lots of yummy desserts on it and set it out as the center piece for company.

  47. I would use this tray to serve beautiful desserts to people who visit me. 🙂

  48. Hello!! I’m a new follower to your site!! You had me with those peanut butter fudge goodies!! Gorgeous tray!! Perfect for lots of sweet goodies!! 🙂

  49. I love it. I have no serving trays really so this would be wonderful since I host Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

  50. wow this is a BEAUTIFUL tray! how would i use it?????think i would put it on my table and droll over it,and pinch my self to mach sure that i win it!!!

  51. Wonderful giveaway, the tray looks awesome. I would use it to display the desserts I make for when we have company.

  52. Wonderful giveaway, the tray looks awesome. I would use it to display the desserts I make for when we have company.

  53. Wonderful giveaway, the tray looks awesome. I would use it to display the desserts I make for when we have company.

  54. The tray is just gorgeous! The kringle is fabulously delicious looking!! Thank you for the recipe and the giveaway!

  55. Definitely making this cake for our school’s Teacher Appreciation luncheon!

  56. Definitely making this cake for our school’s Teacher Appreciation luncheon!

  57. This is such a pretty tray! I would use this tray for dinner parties that my friends and I have once a month!

  58. What a beautiful tray! I’d use it for appetizers for our next get-together.

  59. J dean

    Love,y tray. Would be great for fall entertaining.

  60. Wow, super pretty. I’d be using the tray at our annual Christmas open house.

  61. Maria

    Beautiful…thanks for the chance to win.

  62. I would love to use this for food photos!

  63. Anonymous

    What a beautiful tray! I would use it over and over. I’d have it on display and grab it for an elegant serving piece. It would even make the food look better :0)

  64. I would use this tray at my Cookie Exchange Party to show off my best cookies!

  65. Anonymous

    All kinds of things! We host a small group at our house weekly. I am always cooking for them. Bread, rolls, cookies, cheese and crackers, sandwiches all come to mind. It also might look awesome using for a centerpiece display on a holiday table! Very beautiful!

  66. Tamara

    Name Nambe items are wonderful! You could use this tray for so many things!!! Wonderful desserts, wine and cheese! Serving coffee. Hard to decide!,,

  67. This tray would be great for so many things! Love it! I am definitely going to try the Apple Kringle recipe soon too~it looks yummy! 🙂

  68. Anonymous

    flatbreads, naan…

  69. Every Sunday, I do a Breakfast Is Served post on my blog, so the tray would be perfect for it!!

  70. Tasha

    I love baking–and sharing what I have made! This would be great for taking goodies to work or to a lucky pot with family or friends!

  71. I would use it to serve muffins.

  72. I would probably serve appetizers on the tray at our next family dinner party

  73. I am in love with nambe!!!! Can’t afford it but dream of getting it all the time! This tray is gorgeous!!

  74. Love the tray – so stylish! And the Apple Kringle sounds very delicious! I can see using it for serving at parties but even more so breakfast in bed or coffee in the morning on the back deck. What a treat that would be. I say, it’s so beautiful, enjoy it everyday!

  75. Love the tray – so stylish! And the Apple Kringle sounds very delicious! I can see using it for serving at parties but even more so breakfast in bed or coffee in the morning on the back deck. What a treat that would be. I say, it’s so beautiful, enjoy it everyday!

  76. I have never seen or heard of this before! Looks so yummy!!!

  77. I need that kringle in my life right now! Looks SO delish, girl! And those Nambe trays are beyond gorgeous! I think I’d save it for my mom for Christmas 🙂

  78. what a nice tray!! and it serves as such a nice plate for the kringle!! i would serve football snacks on it!! ’tis the season ;P

  79. The tray is beautiful! I would use it for donuts – and for lovely blog pics 🙂

  80. Lauren A.

    Such a gorgeous piece! I think it would look just lovely topped with an array of fresh baked cookies!

  81. I would love to use this for entertaining this fall!

  82. MaryB

    I would use the tray for serving appetizers at my next party. What a wonderful giveaway.

  83. Anonymous

    Love this tray!
    bonnie.l.adams at gmail dot com

  84. I love Nambe. In fact I was just in Nambe NM a few days ago! Beautiful tray and gorgeous food from Shugary Sweets!

  85. Never heard of a kringle but it looks easy and deliscious 🙂 Must try it Also love the tray, would find alot of uses for it

  86. Gorgeous tray! I do believe I will put that delicious looking kringle on the tray first!

  87. I would use it for the upcoming holidays to put some appetizers on…I love it…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  88. Anonymous

    I would use this for entertaining.

  89. I would use it to replace my old gluten-infested serving tray.

  90. It would be a gift to my mother so she could put her apple bundt cake n it for Christmas.

  91. It’s lovely. I don’t have a lot of serving dishes. I could use something pretty to bring in the goodies I make on my days off and bring them in to work.

  92. Recipe looks amazing. The tray would be nice for our delicious cheese ball we serve on Christmas Day.

  93. Kringle and acacia wood – two of my favorite things! Can’t wait to try to kringle recipe so I don’t have to order them online anymore! Awesome, Thanks:)

  94. Dee

    I think both are GORGEOUS!!!

  95. it would be perfect for when we eat outside

  96. Beautiful tray and yummy looking treat!

  97. Anonymous

    I would use the tray to serve dessert to our book club!

  98. I would use the tray when my mother’s group gets together and lets our little ones play. We love to bring snacks for the moms, too! And this beautiful tray would be a show-stopper.

  99. This looks delicious and the tray is beautiful!

  100. Wow! Beautiful tray. Love the richness of the wood. thanks for chance to win it!

  101. Anonymous

    Hosting a baby shower soon…this would look lovely on the table


  102. Diane

    Oh this try will be wonderful for serving dessert with the upcoming Holidays!

  103. What beautiful pieces! I think I’d have to wow my family with them on Thanksgiving! They’ll think I’m so adult now;)

  104. This would be great for cheese and crackers. So beautiful!

  105. Kringle is an all-time favorite of my husband’s. They used to have them brought in from some famous Kringle place (I don’t remember which one) when someone would travel there for work. Now I can make my own! WOOT!

  106. I would use it to serve buttermilk biscuits and jam or apple butter! We eat a lot of biscuits in my house.

  107. Anonymous

    This tray is awesome!!! Walking in with a breakfast in bed service would be quite the sight!

  108. I would love to display some football finger foods on this tray! Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Love the tray!! The kringle looks tasty too 🙂

  110. Anonymous

    What a beautiful tray! I would probably serve cookies on it

    Heidi N

  111. I would use the tray to serve some really good cheeses on with all the trimmings – such a beautiful tray!

  112. Brenda Brazell

    I would love to serve my traditional Christmas Wreath Bread on it. It’s the only time of year I make it. That would be so special! And beautiful cookies the rest of the year!

  113. Wow – that’s gorgeous!!!!! I think it would look beautiful simply displaying crackers and cheese!

  114. Adriana Rodriguez

    This tray is beautiful! I love it I would definitely use it to show off my desserts! When not in use I would display the tray itself. I also love the plates!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  115. Juli Doshan

    Beautiful tray!

  116. I love the clean-clear lines of the tray. I would look for an opportunity to use it no matter the meal/food. Maybe an area to deposit mail between uses rather than storing this art piece.

  117. I am forever in love with Nambe!

  118. Anonymous

    I ♥ Nambe! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Kristin F.

  119. Anonymous

    I would use this to serve baked goods! 🙂

  120. I think I would place it on our coffee table until I need it, then serve appetizers from it at our next party.

  121. Andrea

    I would use it to hold pie. I like pie.

  122. This is beautiful. I’d use it to take cocktails and snacks out to our patio.
    klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  123. I love the grain of this wood, beautiful! And it is a great mix with the metal handles

  124. Anonymous

    The tray makes the kringle look like it’s fit for royalty. When beautified by such an elegant serving platter, all food is made special!

  125. Anonymous

    Nambe products are art, bringing grace and beauty to everyday items. So I would use this tray everyday, for every reason and for no reason–for snacks, fruit, cheese, family, friends, or just for me.

  126. docdanni

    Such a beautiful tray…and the kringle looks delish!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  127. Danielle Beinke

    It looks awesome! So does the yummy kringle!

  128. Anonymous

    I have been looking for a tray, and this one is beautiful. The kringle looks very delish. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for it.

    Brenda K

  129. that beautiful tray is distracting me from that delicious looking kringle!

  130. This would be great for serving flan and coffee after dinner
    cbstrat (at) gmail (dot) com

  131. The kringle looks absolutely amazing–I have it bookmarked! Breakfast in bed on a tray, anyone?

  132. What a lovely tray to display my cheese and crackers for a wine tasting.

  133. Love it! This tray would look great in pictures! And an easy way to transport shacks during football season!

  134. christene

    Love the blog, and the tray!!

  135. I would use these tray to serve up appetizers at my harvest party 🙂

  136. christine

    I would use the tray to serve crostinis.yum

  137. The tray is beautiful! I use it to serve at my mom’s bday party coming up next month. Can’t wait to try that apple kringle, btw!!

  138. Susan Cook Anders

    Would love to have this beautiful tray, to display my desserts!

  139. What an amazing tray! I just love nambe! I would use it to display all of our desserts!

  140. Display bread and desserts. Love it.

    Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  141. Phelicity H

    I would use this tray to display all of the goodies I make and I would use it at all of my parties. 🙂

  142. I’d use the tray to display all the treats and cookies I make for holidays!

  143. Trish

    I would really like to make an apple bread and serve it on this tray!

  144. Such a beautiful tray! I would use it for serving all kinds of baked goods.

  145. This apple kringle with that glaze looks so enticing!

  146. Anonymous

    the tray would accent just about anything from food to drinks amd everything else you could think up

  147. Anonymous

    A beautiful serving tray. Love it!

  148. I want this tray so bad!!! Please pick me!

  149. I would put my Christmas Buche de Noel on it!

  150. Karen

    What a stunning tray. There are so many possibilities to show off this tray

  151. Beautiful tray… I might even make the kringle to show off the tray or maybe the crostatas that I just made last night. I would love this tray. Thanks for the opportunity

  152. I host tea parties for friends and colleagues and am always looking for stylish serving dishes to use! this try has a more modern looks, but the wood color nicely compliments my china 🙂

  153. That tray is gorgeous, and the apple kringle looks super yummy!

  154. BEAUTIFUL tray for a beautiful dessert!


  155. Anonymous

    Beautiful tray! It would make my cookies, cakes, etc. look even better!

  156. I got here too late and someone else got my prize, oh well.. I’ll win next time 😉 I’ve never heard of apple kringle before and I think I’ve been missing out! That looks amazing!

  157. Diane

    I just was looking through your fb and found this. I’d like to make it, but I have a question about the directions. The picture looks like there is a crust on the top, however the directions don’t mention a top crust. Am I looking at the picture and thinking there is a top crust or is there a step missing in the directions? Just wondering. I’ll be making this..looks good either way 🙂 .

  158. Diane

    Please disregard my comment I just made a few minutes ago…I happened to go back to the fb page, and there were a number of other comments with the same question which you answered. Sorry I didn’t look there first… Once again though, I will be making this soon to use some of my apples. Thanks for a wonderful group of recipes! Diane

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