Best dessert….EVER

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Okay, so tonight I whipped up a quick Apple Dumpling dessert. Oh my, this is better than apple pie! We had it with a scoop of vanilla icecream…delicious…

Here’s the recipe if any of you would like to try this extremely fattening, unhealthy dessert 🙂

Unwrap two packages of crescent rolls. Slice and peel two apples into 8 segments a piece. Wrap up one slice of apple in one crescent roll. Lay in 13×9 pan. In bowl, mix 1 1/2 cup sugar with 2 sticks of melted butter. Mix gently, add 1 tsp vanilla. Pour sugar over apples. Open up a can of sprite (I used sprite zero…but anything would do…mountain dew might be tasty). Pour about 1/2 can pop around the pan edges. Sprinkle generously (and I mean generously) with cinnamon. Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven for 40 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. Absolute deliciousness. You won’t regret trying this one.

Now get on the treadmill.

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6 comments on “Best dessert….EVER”

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  2. Now get on the treadmill
    I just got a treadmill today actually. Her dad forgot to bring the safety key so I couldn’t try it out yet, but soon. Check my blog for my latest challenge.

  3. Sorry, can’t try it as it violates #2 on Ty’s Food Rules: “Fruit should never be eaten cooked unless in a Pop Tart.”

  4. “Fruit should never be eaten cooked unless in a Pop Tart.”

    Not even pineapple on a Hawaiian pizza? Or pineapple on a shish-ka-bob? Warm pineapple is delicious

  5. Anything on a pizza counts as a vegetable, of course.

    Happy mom’s day.

  6. “Anything on a pizza counts as a vegetable”

    Maybe these food rules you have are the reason you are trying to lose weight. I guess a meat lovers pizza fills all your required veggies for the day…lol

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