Blueberry Tart

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I have a friend, Pilvi, who is from Finland. When ever we get together, we either do crafts or make food for eachother. I have to admit she is a much better crafter than myself! But I learn alot from Pilvi. For instance…when you read a recipe in Finnish, “vatka” means to beat. It does not translate into Vodka. I know. I thought it would too! Could be quite the mistake!

In one of our recent luncheons together, Pilvi made this wonderful Blueberry Tart. Apparantly in Finland, everyone knows how to make a berry tart. And, everyone has their own twist on it! This recipe was title “Mom’s berry pie.” It’s delicious. Another thing I learned…rye is quite the rave in Finland! This recipe uses half rye flour (I found it at Kroger) and half regular flour. You can certainly use all purpose instead, and skip the rye all together. I love the way the rye flour pairs with the blueberries! I hope you enjoy this recipe as well! Besides, I did all the work for you! This recipe was written in Finnish. Okay, kidding, but it was written with foreign measurements….you know, deciliters and grams.

One other item to note. Pilvi made this for me in her big Finnish tart stoneware plate (okay, that’s not the actual name…but that’s how I would describe it).

It was much bigger than my regular sized tart or pie pan. Which is why my crust is so thick. I will probably not use as much crust on the sides next time. The filling in this tart is so delicious. Not overly sweet, just perfect. In Finland, people make this with all kinds of berries, rhubarb, peaches. So go crazy! I enjoyed the blueberry.




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6 comments on “Blueberry Tart”

  1. This one makes me want to go out and pick fresh Blueberries.

  2. I’m interested in how the rye flour would combine with the berries. Sounds like an experiment =)

  3. Sounds really great. I love how the tart filling is simple and not overly sweet seeming.

  4. Pilvi

    Aimee, how lovely! I love the presentation…Marimekko napkins, -nice touch! I think I am officially a Shugar-fan now!

  5. I knew I was saving those special napkins you gave me for a reason. Now I can finally use them 🙂

  6. That looks so creamy and satisfying.

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