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Last week I posted my first “Coffee Time” post and I think it was a hit! So I’m super excited to be here again. Sharing my ramblings with you. Grab your coffee…let’s do this!


 So I have been sitting down trying to plan out our summer. We have a big vacation driving West this year (hitting so many places from Mt.Rushmore, Yellowstone, California, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Pike’s Peak….).

Then it occurred to me. I have 3 blog trips planned. Trips that require me to get on an airplane. Let’s talk about airplanes today shall we?

Does anybody else feel this total loss of control, terrified panic getting on a plane? When I hear people say they “sleep” on the plane, my mind is blown. I spend the ENTIRE flight watching the stewardesses. Especially during turbulence. I mean, they would know if it’s normal turbulence or if it’s bad “start saying your prayers” type of turbulence, right? And as far as calming my nerves with alcohol or medications, it’s a fine line for me. Because I’m such a panicked mess, with phobias we haven’t touched on, I want to have some sense about me in case I need to make an exit.

Yes I count the rows to the exits. Yes I pay attention during the safety talks. Yes I read the manual, about a dozen times…Yes I’m a bit terrified…

Okay, so now you all know what a freak I am, how about we change the subject? Let’s start drooling. I had fun keeping my eye out this week for some delicious photos. I was overwhelmed with all the good things out there!

Most Drool Worthy Photo: This week I have had some serious cravings for Chocolate Cake. My favorite way to eat cake is take a big slice and put it in a bowl. Pour a little bit of milk over the top and dig in. We call it cake soup in our house!  This Malted Chocolate Cake from Tidy Mom has a toasted Marshmallow Filling and would make perfect cake soup. Let’s say it together….” O. M. G. ”


I’m Loving It: Little known fact about me. I hate shopping for clothes. Every once in awhile I will go out, but I pretty much buy the entire outfit on mannequins because I like to see the whole ensemble together. Then I ask the sales lady what kind of shoes to wear. Odd, right? Well I recently signed up for Stitch Fix. Have you heard of this? You fill out a detailed style profile and a personal stylist picks clothes for you! You then schedule a “fix” and 5 items get delivered to your door. You have 3 days to decide what you like. You can keep it all, keep a little, or return it all (in the prepaid bag). Go sign up, fill out the profile and give it one try! They say the more times you try it, they tweak your style (you fill out a questionnaire after every “fix”). You can schedule it once. Once a week. Once a month. Every other month. There is no limit (and no requirements). I do think there is a waiting list though, so get on it now!!!


I have had TWO fixes. The first fix I kept everything. It was spot on! The second fix I loved it all, but returned one of the cute dresses. After trying it on (a dozen times over the three day period), I decided it wasn’t my style (but it was super cute). I love that they also include style cards with each item, showing how to wear it and accessorize. Perfect for me! There is a referral program too, so when you sign up through me (by following my links) I get credit toward my next order. Then when you sign up, you can get your friends to sign up! I think you will love Stitch Fix.

Dinner Inspiration: I saw this recipe for Italian Pulled Chicken and Kale Sliders on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it’s going on our menu! Thank you Roni for a delicious recipe that I think my whole family will love!

pulled chicken

Very Pinteresting: Speaking of Pinterest, I’m dying over these Margarita Frosting Shots from Keep it Sweet Desserts. Yes, that is correct. FROSTING SHOTS. How fun would these be for your Cinco de Mayo party? You can find more Cinco de Mayo recipes on my Pinterest board.


 What’s New: Last week I gave a very blatant hint to my husband that I wanted perfume for Mother’s day. He read it, got the hint, and hopefully is off buying the perfume. Since that worked so well, I thought this week I would post another photo of something I’m wishing for! Have you seen this Caribbean Tea Collection from Le Creuset???? I’m hoping to re-paint my kitchen this month and this color is one of my choices for accents. This tea collection would look so pretty! HINT. HINT. Or maybe Le Creuset would like to send me one to review??? Hello?? Bueller??


Blogging Tips: So for those of you who read this and are bloggers, you might get giddy like I am about new business cards. Especially when those business cards are designed by one of your besties! Dorothy from Crazy for Crust designed the most gorgeous business cards for me! She made the process so easy, and ordering from was such a breeze! Thanks girl! I’m ready for conferences now…if I don’t die on an airplane first (I can be morbid sometimes).

business cards

Most Popular Shugary Sweets recipe this week: Once again I’ve got an old post that went crazy this week. Ice Cream cake! Easy to make and delicious to eat. Check it out for yourself!

Ice cream cake

I’m off to go convince my husband that frosting shots are a great dessert tonight. Perfect for unwinding after doing yardwork. Right? See you all next week!!

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36 comments on “Coffee Time with Shugary Sweets”

  1. It’s always the old posts that go crazy…I don’t get it either, but I never complain 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I feel the same way you do about planes AND clothes shopping! Are we long-lost sisters or something? LOL! Do you think the Stitch Fix prices are reasonable or is there a big mark-up because of the hand-holding? I want to try it but of course we are on a tight budget! I love the business cards, what a great idea! Thanks for the coffee…see ya next time! 🙂

    • I think they are reasonable (and you can set your price limit…I usually choose “cheaper the better”! But you can certainly try it yourself. You do pay a styling fee of $20, which gets applied to your order. If you don’t keep anything you lose that money. But I’m pretty sure there will be SOMETHING you love!
      Thanks for stopping by Kristin!!

  3. I can’t fly anymore, I just assume we are going to crash. Have to try the Stitch Fix! How cool! Enjoy your coffee!

  4. I’m SO with you on the airplane thing. I’m 90% certain they run on magic. My brother-in-law works for Boeing as an engineer, and let me tell you that his “explanations” of how they work only re-enforce the whole magic theory. I do try my best to sleep on plaens though, because then time flies and I wake up just in time to be safe on the ground 🙂

  5. That Le Creuset collection is fabulous. I’d love for them to contact me too! Hint hint. Ha ha!

  6. Um, HELLO! I ALWAYS listen carefully to the safety instructions on an airplane. …and get really annoyed with the people who talk through it. LOL. But seriously people… they’re giving LIFE SAVING INSTRUCTIONS up there!

  7. And Dorothy’s design is WAY cute. I heart her 🙂

  8. haha glad I’m not the only one totally freaked out about flying. My husband makes fun of me every time we fly together. I definitely always watch the flight attendants to make sure they look calm : ) I was on a small plane once and was sitting in the front row – the flight attendant actually made an announcement not to worry about the turbulence (that it was normal in the area) for the “kids” but was looking at me the whole time haha

  9. Thank you for that VERY drool worthy pin. That cake is THE cake for me. That pulled chicken kale slider looks so good I can barely stand it, too. The first time I heard about Stitch Fix was this morning at Brown Eyed Baker, now you. Clearly it’s a sign to hear about it twice in one day! Everything in that photo looked like something I’d love. I’m not afraid to fly, but turbulences do freak me out a bit! Your trip sounds like a fun one!

  10. Love the Coffee Time posts, Aimee! Flying only bothers me on those stinky small planes…you know the ones, they feel like you aren’t going to make it to your destination alive!! A lot of prayer goes into one of those flights! I really need to check out that tea set, it’s a very pretty blue and well, I want it. hehehe. I can’t decide which of the yummy treats to make for dessert this week either….life is so tough! 🙂

  11. Love your new business cards!!! And of course, the Ice Cream Cake! Have a great weekend!

  12. I feel the same way about planes! I feel so out of control. I keep hearing about Stitch Fix. I saw it on Brown Eyed Baker this morning and think also on Eat Live Run a while ago. Sounds pretty interesting. I’m not a fan of shopping either!

  13. SaraJ

    I love shopping and airplanes but most of all frosting, you bring the frosting shots and I’ll help you shop!

  14. That vacation sounds amazing… I’m not a huge fan of flying but it always is worth it! Love your new business cards, too!

    Thanks for including my margarita frosting shots:-)

  15. Your vacation plan sounds super fun! And yes, I am terrified of flying too! The Le Creuset set is gorgeous!

  16. Oh, Aimee, I’m a panicked mess, too! 🙂 And I’m really enjoying your new coffee time posts.

  17. I absolutely hate flying, I avoid it if at all possible. In fact, I’ll be driving to Florida for my brothers wedding this year instead of flying 😉
    Oh my, that italian pulled chicken slider looks like heaven on bread 🙂

  18. I’m late for coffee! 😉 Eeeee, you’re coming to South Dakota to see “The Faces”!!! It’s such a sight; so awesome. If you get a chance, a drive through the Badlands is totally worth it…and there’s a teeny town to the west of them (towards Rapid City and Mt. Rushmore) called Wall, and it’s the home of Wall Drug (Google it!) and the BEST doughnuts ever. I dream about those doughnuts. 🙂 You’re gonna have a busy summer!

  19. sharonjo

    I’m loving your Coffee Time posts!

    Another South Dakota reader here–I live about an hour from the Badlands and have eaten more than my share of Wall Drug doughnuts! Hope you enjoy your visit to our state. Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills are amazing.

    Also, randomly–I made a chocolate cake with a toasted marshmallow filling once (Sweetpolita recipe). It was fabulous. And I love the Caribbean color Le Creuset–such a cheerful color. Would be a wonderful kitchen accent color.

  20. Liz

    You’ll have so much fun on the West Coast. We did a 3-week road trip a couple years ago and we loved it!

  21. Maggie M.

    Have you tried supplements for flying? I’ve taken Suntheanine (green tea extract) to calm me while flying. Just an idea.

  22. You’d think after flying every single year to Romania I’m way over my flight-phobia it’s so not true! I’m terrified the whole entire trip!
    Those cards are so cute!!!!

  23. I cannot wait to meet you at FBF. And don’t worry about flights, I’m as morbidly terrified as you 😉

  24. How did I not comment on this? Thank you so much for the shout out Aimee!

  25. I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix until hearing it TWICE today! Definitely going to have to check it out!

  26. Hi Aimee! Love your blog! Just need to know are your recipes American or British (Need to know the cup measures) 250 / 240ml ? Thank You & keep up the good work! ;))

  27. Your cards turned out very well! Thank you for choosing to print them through us here at We appreciate your business!

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