My Favorite Things 2015

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It’s no secret that I am a coffee addict lover! So I thought it would be only fitting to share with you all a few of MY FAVORITE THINGS 2015 and offer a giveaway! A chance for one lucky reader to win the whole collection of coffee goodies.

Are you a coffee lover? Check out a few of my favorite things to see what you should put on your Christmas list! Or give the gift to a coffee lover friend!

Earlier this month, I had a chance to learn more about the Ninja Coffee Bar (and try some delicious recipes)! Trying it out at home has been so fun! Not only can I make a classic brew cup of coffee for myself, but my husband can have a rich brew (more bold) and a specialty brew (STRONG like espresso) and I can also enjoy a cup over ice.

This is what my counter looked like before replacing ALL THREE coffee brewers with a single NINJA COFFEE BAR. It’s a workhorse you guys, as it takes the place of all three machines (you can brew single cups, using your favorite ground coffee)!

For today’s giveaway here is what you will receive:

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar:

    §  Using your favorite ground coffee, The Ninja Coffee Bar with Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence lets you enjoy hot coffee with incredible flavor richness and in any size you want: a cup, travel mug, half carafe or full carafe.

    §  Makes refreshing iced coffee by allowing users to dial up the richness of their coffee to offset the dilution caused by melting ice.

    §  Specialty Brew creates their highest concentration of coffee. It’s a coffee extract that, like espresso, you can use to create coffeehouse-style hot and cold layered beverages—right in your own home.

    §  Available at major retailers nationwide or purchase one here on Amazon

  2.  Tervis Tumbler 15 oz mug: keeps your hot coffee hot, and your cold coffee cold! BPA Free and Dishwasher safe!

  3.  Hand Stamped Vintage Coffee Spoon: The perfect utensil to pair with your cup of coffee. BONUS: it says “I heart Coffee and Blogs” Perfect, right??

I think you’re going to love this gift should you win it. However, you are more than welcome to purchase those items for yourself (and should you be the lucky winner, you can give the ultimate gift to a coffee lover in your life)! Also, be sure to stop over at my friend Katrina’s blog as she is giving one away too (you’ve just doubled your chances to win)!!

But wait.

There’s MORE:

Favorite thing giveaway- 11 winners!

I’m so excited to bring you today’s amazing giveaway – it’s actually 10 Giveaways – with a chance to win over $3,000 in prizes!

I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you our favorite must-have gifts this year, and we are giving away our own dream gift packages! That’s 10 chances to win some of the most amazing kitchen gadgets, gift cards, gourmet foods, and amazing goodies!

They are all so great – I wish I could win them all!

After entering my giveaway for the COFFEE GIFT SET below, be sure to head to the other 9 blogs for your chance to win!

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Are you a coffee lover? Check out a few of my favorite things to see what you should put on your Christmas list! Or give the gift to a coffee lover friend!

**I was not compensated to write this post, however NINJA graciously provided one coffee brewer for me to review, and one for the giveaway. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this possible here on Shugary Sweets!

**There may be affiliate links in this post! By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation. However, I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting Shugary Sweets! See my disclosure policy for more info**

**There may be affiliate links in this post! By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation. However, I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting Shugary Sweets! See my disclosure policy for more info**

290 comments on “My Favorite Things 2015”

  1. Audrey D

    keeping for myself

  2. Hanna

    We are starting a small business next month, and this would be perfect for our office!

  3. Jenifer

    I would definitely keep this for myself! I love a good latte!

  4. Kim Henrichs

    I love my hot coffee dark with cream and my iced coffee with milk and a little cinnamon!

  5. Julie Wood

    I like my coffee very hot with Vanilla Caramel creamer.  I would keep this for myself. I am always making delicious coffee.

  6. jberry

    I take mine black, my other half, sugary sweet & creamy. No way he’d let this prize go.

  7. i would gift it to my parents 🙂 and still get lots of use out of it!! haha

  8. wendy

    I always love a latte best!

  9. Heather

    I like my coffee smoking hot with cream and sugar. Preferably, flavored creamer! I would be keeping this for myself!!

  10. dana

    I like my coffee hot, sweet, and frothy!!

  11. Kristen

    My husband is the coffee connoisseur in our family. He loves his coffee extra sweet with added cream, and he goes for the flavored coffees — hazelnut, cinnamon, etc.  I would love to surprise him with this Ninja coffee bar!

  12. Kathy B

    I love coffee all ways – and I’m actually looking for a new coffee maker, so this would be wonderful.

  13. Sandy Headtke

    To start the day I like it hot and blacl,  I have vanilla latte in the afternoon

  14. Jen

    I’ll be giving this coffee maker to my wife!

  15. Krista E.

    I like to drink coffee in a latte.

  16. latanya

    I like my coffee black

  17. Anonymous

    I’d keep it for myself. It looks awesome!

  18. Geraldine

    This fantastic prize is meant for my sister-in-law who knows and loves her !

  19. Kelly D

    I would keep this. I like my coffee with almond or coconut milk.

  20. Susan Broughton

    I love coffee any way I can get it!  I will be keeping this, if I win, and the whole family can use it

  21. Heather McKenzie Carter

    I like my coffee with a hint of vanilla 🙂

  22. Diane Jackson

    Awesome giveaway!

  23. Lin

    Coffee – nectar of the gods!!!

  24. Mary O.

    Most of the time I like it black.  For a treat I love it with whipped cream.

  25. Amanda Johnson

    With cream and sugar.  I would keep this!

  26. Carrie

    I love my coffee with a little flavored creamer!

  27. Amie George

    I use a little agave, cream. and then sprinkle some cinnamon on top. I’m sorry to say that I would have to keep this for myself. Sounds kind of stingy but I have a coffee problem.

  28. I would keep this for myself and make cappuccino’s at home.

  29. Alison H.

    I like my coffee black and I would be keeping this for myself!

  30. Monica

    I like regular coffee on the weekdays and lattes on the weekends.

  31. Lyn M

    I love coffee and only have a cheap regular pot so I would definitely keep this for myself.

    I love vanilla lattes.

  32. Caroline

    The smell of fresh-brewed coffee is so wonderful.

  33. Kelly Nicholson

    How do you like your coffee? Or will you be gifting this prize to family and friends?

    i like it black

  34. Liz

    I would give this to my husband

  35. Cindy Padgett

    What a great way to start the day!

  36. Cynthia R

    I don’t like coffee but my boyfriend enjoys it. I will be gifting this to him, he’s been wanting a ninja coffee maker ever since he saw the commercial

  37. Stephanie

    Living in New Orleans, I’ve come to love coffee with chicory – it’s delicious!

  38. natasha lamoreux

    We LOVE coffee.  If I win I dont think that I would be able to gift it to anyone but myself.  thanks for the chance to win.

  39. carol clark

    bout 4 sugars and some cream 

  40. Vanessa Kummer

    Love all things coffee!

  41. MarilynH

    I’ve never tried any single-cup brewers and this looks versatile.  I like my coffee bold, sweet, and creamy.

  42. Jacqui

    I like my coffee with a little half & half and cinnamon! 

  43. Annette

    I like my coffee with cream (or half & half) and sugar (or Now brand liquid stevia).

  44. Lois

    My Hannie Bear would flip over this!! What an awesome gift this would be!

  45. Jennifer

    I would probably give this to my niece because she is a coffee hound and would probably keep it next to her bed. 😀

  46. Bonnie

    I love black coffee. This machine might get me to experiment though!

  47. Leigh Anne Borders

    I love my coffee with some french vanilla added to it.  If I won this I would give to to my husband for Christmas. 

  48. Carol

    I like my morning coffee with a spash of French vanilla creamer but my evening coffee with a shot of Bailey’s!! 😉 I would definitely keep this for myself!

  49. Nathalie

    I would probably give this to my daughter! Thank you for this giveaway!

  50. Laura C.

    I like my coffee depending on my mood and the boost of energy I need. I usually will drink it black, but also enjoy shots of espresso: )

  51. Katie

    My day doesn’t start without coffee! I usually drink it black, but love it in all its forms 🙂

  52. c

    love coffee with a touch of fat free half & half

  53. Nicole

    I loved iced coffee, barely sweet

  54. Bunny

    I would love to have this!

  55. I would like to gift it to my husband and my dad who love coffee!

  56. I use only cream in mine, hope I win

  57. Jan

    My husband would go crazy over this if I won! Thx for the giveaway and your great recipes on the blog!

  58. ginette4

    I will be gifting it to my daughter..she loves coffee

  59. Monica

    I love mine with a little sugar and no cream. I have to admit if I won I would be keeping this prize!

  60. Brianna

    I like my coffee bold and hot! 

  61. Heather Dawn

    I like french vanilla cappuccinos. 

  62. “How do you like your coffee? Or will you be gifting this prize to family and friends?”

    I love my coffee sugary, but my mother is the real coffee queen of the house. To the highest degree, mom loves coffee. She likes hers black or with only one spoonful of cream. Unfortunately, with financial ties, my house won’t be “doing” Christmas. I showed NCB to my mom one night and she’s wanted it ever since! Thanks for the giveaway, it gives me a little hope I’ll be able to get her something for Christmas like how she has managed for me over 21 years of poverty! 

  63. Danyelle H

    I like my coffee, medium roast with carmel creamer. I have to admit I’ve had my eye on this.

  64. Julianne

    With just a little cream!!

  65. Kathy E.

    I like my coffee hot and black, but not too strong. This baby would be all mine!

  66. Jeanine Lesperance

    This looks like a great product

  67. Debbie Bray

    I like mine with cream

  68. Kathy S.

    I love coffee straight up and black!

  69. Amanda

    I like my coffee with creamer and a little sugar. I would keep for myself. My coffee pot is on it’s last leg.

  70. Sandy Rees

    I enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee with a flavored sweetener.

  71. Melanie

    I *love* my coffee, any way I can get it!  Hot, cold, black, creamed, flavored, lattes, macchiatos, I NEED this machine in my life!!  

  72. Whitney

    I love coffee! black or with milk, I’ll drink it either way.

  73. Ashley

    I would gift this to my good friend. 

  74. Colleen Boudreau

    I would give this to my mom.

  75. rachel

    This machine looks awesome.

  76. Shannon

    I will be gifting this to my best friend if I win!

  77. Lena P.

    I love adding a flavored cream & sugar most days, but some days call for straight black lol

  78. Libby

    I like my coffee black and mild, and I would have to keep this great prize!!

  79. Debbie R

    I love my coffee black or with a little cashew milk!

  80. Carolyn

    I’d probably be gifting this- I’m more of a tea gal myself.

  81. Shannon J

    It depends on my mood, I mostly love my coffee black.   This time of year, I like a little peppermint mocha coffee creamer.   

  82. Michelle

    I love coffee.  I have a Scoop coffee maker for regular coffee and A Dolce Gusto Genio for specialty coffees.  I keep extra bottles of flavored coffee creamer in my freezer so I don’t run out.  I have at least 5 different coffee flavors from regular to caramel drizzle.  I would love to have this cofee maker for even more variety.

  83. Natalie R

    I take my coffee with a little bit of Natural Bliss coffee creamer. Perfection!

  84. Karla D

    I would shamelessly keep this for myself! I adore coffee and this is something I would never go out and buy- to win it would be awesome!  

  85. Stephanie S

    I’m too selfish, and would probably keep for myself! But I’d be glad to make coffee for anyone that comes to visit!

  86. Paula B.

    I love coffee. I would love to win this. I think I would replace my keurig in my sewing room. I is showing signs of being used a lot.

  87. Janice

    Selfishly, this will be mine! Bet my Tim Horton’s coffee will brew beautifully! Please, please, pluh-lees!! Thank you! Love your blog– your recipes and all of your stories! Keep ’em coming!!

  88. Peter Mathis

    Replace 2 coffee makers!

  89. Jenni Eagen

    I would keep it for myself.

  90. Dee

    I’m going back to school and newly addicted to coffee. I would love to have this! Fingers crossed!

  91. Amy S.

    I like my coffee with half and half and I’d keep this for myself!

  92. Sheila Bamford

    Love the recipes and I would give this to my husband who is a strong coffee lover

  93. Terri Hughes

    I like my coffee black. I will be keeping this one. Thanks!


    I Like mine with cream

  95. Elmer Seale

    I would be keeping this for myself since I am a widower and need a great coffee maker to make a decent cup of breakfast coffee again.

  96. Jennifer

    How awesome – my peeps would love

  97. beverly e

    I like my coffee with cream and sugar and keep it coming! Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. James Morris

    Just can’t have too many coffee makers or choices of which type to brew next.

  99. Teri Giese

    First of all sweetheart, you have the perfect smile, and considering how many times a day I see it, that is a good thing.. Began following you back in spring and not looked back since. Was ill for almost 4 years, with a poor quality of life for 10.Had another surgery in March. On Yummly, realize I can sign up for newsletters,well over 500later,here we are. Now on Pinterest, where I see your loveliness daily. Women of like food likes? Oh, the coffee, my bad ADHD showing again. Likes it hot,or cold, always sweet with cream, and whipped cream. Prefer it free at home, Vs. too much the coffee shops charge!! Giveaway has me sooo coveting everything! Like SINFULLY, DROOLING, ME WANT STUFF! SO evil! 

  100. Trenda Tillson

    Would love to gift this to my mother!

  101. Theresa Fischer

    With vanilla flavoring in it.

  102. Jane Hutchison

    would be a great present for my brother.

  103. Andrea D.

    I like mine over ice with milk and chocolate syrup.

  104. Kimberly

    Hot with Italian Cream and sugar

  105. Jen

    Would make it a gift for my husband…..he LOVES coffee.  Of course I could use it too.

  106. Jaccilyn

    Love my hot and cold layered coffee. This would be for my husband and I.

  107. Joanne

    I would love to have this, as I love iced coffee iced coffee in the summer.

  108. Stephanie Egan

    Would love this!

  109. Kathy

    I like cream in my coffee.

  110. Joanne

    I would love to win this, as I love to drink iced coffee in the summer.

  111. Jane S

    Thanks for the great giveaway, Aimee. I love the fact you can use a coffee you love.

  112. Donna

    Great gift for the family.  I enjoy iced mochas & my husband loves coffee!  Would be great for daily use & for family get togethers too.

  113. Pauline Mattson

    I also have all this “equipment” on my counter and would love to replace it with the Ninja – keep that for myself and give away everything else!!!

  114. A gift for the entire family that gives every day!!!

  115. Treva Orange

    I love coffee…I would love this one machine, what a Christmas gift !!!

  116. Cheryl Rahkonen

    I drink my coffee with cream and sweet ‘n low.  

  117. Elyse

    I’d keep for myself.  I love a medium roast coffee, but I love espresso and latte’s also.

  118. Would love to win this . My Kerig died 🙁

  119. Melissa

    A little sugar and a lot of cream!

  120. Anna

    It just makes my day having a nice hot milky sweet cup of coffee, especially during my quiet time

  121. Wendy N

    I will definitely keep this for myself! I love my coffee with creamer!

  122. Shelly Hoffman

    Whoa..I am new to coffee drinking! This would be a perfect start!
    Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  123. Darlene Peterson

    I like my coffee black, but my husband likes lots of flavors

  124. Beth Revere

    I would love to have this! Thanks!

  125. That is a tough question…we LOVE coffee in our house but have family that love the bean just as much ;). Might have to try it out first *wink*wink*

  126. Love this!!  I put coffee in my morning protein shake!  I’d love to be able to up the coffee!

  127. Emily Wells

    I like my coffee with a splash of half and half!

  128. Vida

    Mine, mine all MINE!!! But you can come over and have a cup or two.

  129. Sarah Sq.

    I would give this to my brother and his wife for Christmas 🙂

  130. Karen O

    I would give this to my husband for Christmas because he loves coffee so much. It would save some $$ from getting coffee from that coffee shop!

  131. Trisha

    I have a few ideas of who to give the gift to, should I be lucky enough to win!  I usually drink my coffee black but every now and then I like a frufru coffee 🙂  Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

  132. Stacie B.

    I would keep this for me!  I like my coffee with cream & sweetener while my husband likes his dark and bold.

  133. Julie

    I would probably keep this for myself. I love coffee with a heaping dose of cream and sugar.

  134. The perfect gift! I always start my day with black coffee, but love making lattes in the afternoon 🙂

  135. Crystal S

    I enjoy iced coffee, even in the winter. But I also love cappuccinos. 🙂

  136. Christina Hayes

    I like my coffee with hot milk and sugar.

  137. sharleen

    I like my coffee black with a little sugar and nutmeg!

  138. LinhC

    With hazelnut creamer

  139. Asha

    This would be great! 🙂 

  140. Auntiepatch

    I will gifting this to my husband! He LOVES coffee!

  141. Anonymous

    I will be giving this to my husband, but I like my coffee as an Irish coffe .

  142. Gail B

    I will be gifting this to my granddaughter, but I like my coffee as an Irish coffee.

  143. I will be gifting this prize to my coffee-loving family. This would be a perfect present.

  144. Terra Heck

    I’d keep this awesome prize for myself. I like my coffee black, no sugar or creamer. Thanks.

  145. Kristen

    I like vanilla or hazelnut lattes.

  146. shelly peterson

    I like iced coffee with caramel.

  147. Taunia

    To keep or not to keep, that would be the question! My sister would LOVE this and so would I!

  148. Stacey

    I like mine with half and half.  

  149. Cassie

    I love flavored coffee!  Especially holiday ones!

  150. Heather D

    I’d like to say I’d gift it, but it looks too exciting to me!!
    Coffee with flavored cream for me please!

  151. Sabrina

    I love my coffee with sugar and french vanilla creamer.

  152. April V

    extra cream, please!

  153. kellylynn

    No coffee for me, but my husband loves it any way he can get it. So it would be for him.

  154. Ilana

    I like my coffee strong, sweet and light.  In the summer, I like it iced.

  155. Cindy A.

    I love flavored coffees like White Chocolate Mocha. 

  156. Lisa W

    My favorite time is in the morning with my husband having a good cup of coffee! We would love to have a new machine. Ours is old and this would make our morning coffee so much better!

  157. Leah MacKenzie

    I love light roast!

  158. Traci

    Undecided…I’ve had my eye on one, but it would also make an awesome gift!!

  159. Amy Lynn

    I like my coffee in latte form with a little flavoring in it. I also like it iced in the summer!!!

  160. Stefanie

    I never win anything …. definitely would keep for my coffee loving self 🙂

  161. Kathy

    Looks like a great machine!

  162. melissa

    Recently moved into my first apartment and have NO coffee anything!

  163. Nicole Melius

    Goodness, I would love this!

  164. Julie B

    Will be gifting to my oldest child who is a MAJOR coffee lover!!

  165. Joan

    I like my coffee black and I will share it with my dad.

  166. Brandi Bryant

    I love the caramel coffee any way. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter would love this too.

  167. JulieJC

    I love my coffee strong and au lait!

  168. Starlett McBean

    I need this! 🙂

  169. Katie B

    I love coffee! I am the only one in my family who does, so I would keep this for myself. 🙂

  170. Renee Singleton

    I love coffee…. hot, iced, latte!!

  171. I love my coffee strong with a little cream and no sugar!  This is such a nice and awesome giveaway.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  172. Carole Ann Spear

    This is the best, I would love it.

  173. Chelsea

    I like my coffee black or with a lot of flavored creamer and sugar – no in between! 😉

  174. Sharon Schoepe

    Hubby and I like dark roast with a splash of french vanilla

  175. daniela

    I like my coffee with caramel syrup and milk

  176. Michele Moore

    If I win, I will be giving this to my husband who is the coffee drinker in our home. He loves coffee.

  177. Denise Parker

    I like my coffee with real cream, no sugar.

  178. I’ve just developed a love for coffee this past year. Don’t know how I ever started my mornings without it. Mostly, I drink it black (try to avoid dairy), but I love it with cream. 

  179. Nicole Pyles

    I love coffee very strong, dark roast with cream and sugar 🙂

  180. Tabathia B

    This would be for my oldest daughter

  181. Josh Lippman

    I was hoping to gift it to my Mom….

  182. Tracy

    This would be great for our house where everyone drinks a little bit of everything! The iced feature would be my favorite.

  183. Rachel C

    I like my coffee with one small pack of stevia and a splash of vanilla almond milk. 

  184. Cassandra Eastman

    I love coffee! I like my coffee with international delight Almond Joy creamer, and sometimes whip cream on top if we have it! 

  185. Margot C

    I like hot coffee with unsweetened almond milk. Don’t knock this until you have tried it!

  186. Olga

    I would be the happiest girl if I got this as a present! 🙂

  187. Carla S

    I like coffee with extra cream and sugar.

  188. Kim N

    I always buy cheap coffee makers – so I would keep this for myself. I love a hot coffee with a little milk and french vanilla cream – along with sitting quiet before my day starts!

  189. TAMARA


  190. What an awesome giveaway! Love that spoon! And the coffee maker? Dying over here!

  191. I LOVE coffee and need at least 3 cups a day! It can be anything espresso or just a regular cup. What a great machine and giveaway! Thanks!

  192. candy kratzer wenzel

    4 adults in this home who all love experimenting with different flavors of coffee.

  193. Julie

    I love a good gold cuppa but in the winter I love adding flavored creamer or caramel to my coffee for a treat!

  194. Eva D

    I’m kind of a coffee whimp…but I’m getting there. I love a hot chocolate with some that a mocha..something??? 🙂

  195. Awesome giveaway! I will be gifting it to my hubby as he is the coffee drinker in our house 🙂

  196. I would definitely be keeping this! I’m pretty much a regular coffee with cream & sugar person but I like to add flavors every once in a while or get a latte if I’m out.

  197. Sherry W

    I haven’t really experimented with all the new mochas, fraps, etc so before regifting it I would definitely be trying some new things.

  198. Heather B.

    Love coffee so many different ways, but especially if it has whipped cream on top!

  199. I would love to keep this for myself. I like to indulge in all different coffees from the coffee shop but would love to be able to save some $$ by making them at home!

  200. itzia

    i like my coffee black but I’d probably gift it. 

  201. definitely keeping this.  I love my coffee with lots of cream and sugar

  202. Katelyn

    I like a hot cup of black coffee on a chilly winter morning!

  203. Tarn A.

    I usually prefer a little bit of cream and sugar in my coffee.

  204. Brownie

    My husband and I love coffee!!!! He is black all the way I like white chocolate latte or frappe!

  205. Lisa

    I love coffee every way

  206. Krystal

    I love my Mocha Lattes!

  207. Birdiebee

    I like my coffee with creamer or pumpkin spice or mocha flavorings.  I would keep this.

  208. Marcia S.

    I love coffee with just a touch of milk or cream. I love coffee!

  209. Melissa S

    I like coffee with just a little cream.

  210. Kelly

    I’m not much for coffee so I would give it as a gift. 

  211. Erin M.

    I like my coffee with a little sugar and cream! I’ve been so intrigued by the Ninja…great giveaway!

  212. I like my coffee with 1 part coffee, 2 parts cream, and one part sugar. 🙂 Keeping the ninja for the house so everyone can enjoy.

  213. Rachel

    I love coffee with french vanilla creamer. Totally want this! 

  214. Lilia Kharabora

    I haven’t used a “coffee maker” in years. I have a Chemex currently. But this looks so interesting. Great coffee for myself or enough when entertaining, Thanks for this cool chance! 

  215. Sherry

    I like my coffee with Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer

  216. DJ

    I love flavored coffee with sugar. 

  217. Licia

    I am addicted to iced coffee! I love a little bit of flavor but can drink it plain as long as it’s iced.

  218. ashley wood

    as long as its flavored I like all coffees

  219. Nancy Connolly

    Keepning for myself my coffee maker broke 

  220. paige c

    I like my coffee with a little bit of milk or creamer

  221. Natalie

    what an awesome giveaway

  222. Jenn McElroy

    I drink my coffee black with two Splenda. Great giveaway! 🙂

  223. Lindsay

    I drink my coffee with a tablespoon of sugar and 1/4 cup of milk!!!

  224. Amme

    Great wedding gift for a special friend.

  225. Jennifer Red

    i have begun to run on coffee, so it would be for me

  226. Sylvia

    I would definitely keep this for myself. What a way to make this “the most wonderful time of the year.”

  227. debbie

    I’m actually a tea drinker.  But I live in a house with coffee lovers!  This would be for them.

  228. AmyK

    This would be a perfect gift… for ME!

  229. Lauren M

    Coffee with cream and sugar 🙂 Although it would be fun to make specialty drinks at home, too!

  230. Amy M

    I would probably give it to my son who is a coffee snob!  Of course I would use it when i visited him.  🙂

  231. Robin

    This would be a wonderful gift for my husband.  He loves coffee!

  232. pamela riley

    i could really use a new coffee maker plus i can finally teach my husband how to really make

  233. Vickie

    Love my coffee!  Would love to win.

  234. ddemos

    I live in Ca…I drink iced coffee year round…love it.

  235. MK Perez

    The coffee maker sounds like a great item to have. 

  236. Heather W.

    This coffee maker makes my heart go pitter-patter!!

  237. phyllis

    Like my coffee black

  238. I love my coffee with Hazelnut Flavored Creamer.

  239. Michele Behlen

    I like my coffee with french vanilla creamer and I will keep it for myself.

  240. Sandra Hying McFadden

    I love my coffee with flavored creamers and a teaspoon of sugar.

  241. I’m not a huge coffee fan, but my mom & brother love it! So I’d be sharing.

  242. Diane F

    Keeping this for myself. I love iced coffee and mocha lattes.

  243. Jeanna

    I prefer a medium roast coffee with my french vanilla creamer!

  244. This will be for my husband, since he is the coffee drinker. 

  245. Michlele P

    I don’t drink coffee, maybe I will start if I win this prize.

  246. Amanda

    I don’t care for coffee, so this would probably be a present for my best friend Silvia

  247. Veronica Posada

    I Love coffee.!!! This is so cool

  248. I usually like my coffee black, but I’m sure the Ninja Coffee Bar would introduce me to some new favorite flavors.

  249. Lynnette Lamance

    I just plain love coffee, anyway that you fix it. I’d definitely keep this

  250. I love my coffee with real cream and raw sugar and on the weekends I love to go to my favorite coffee shop and get a triple shot vanilla latte 🙂

  251. Samantha

    I like my coffee with hazelnut creamer.

  252. Susan Tao

    I love my coffee dark and rich with lot’s of cream!

  253. Jessica

    I would LOVE to have a coffee machine like this!  I like my coffee with cream and sugar.

  254. I love a smooth medium blend coffee with almond milk creamer in it. And it’s got to be hot!

  255. Karen D

    I like my coffee with a splash of half and half

  256. Geana

    How fun to make everyone their own cup-o-joe.  

  257. Erika Faust

    I like my coffee to be pretty sweet, more coffee milk than coffee.  But I love the smell of brewing coffee!

  258. Rebekah

    like my coffee black

  259. Rust

    I love my coffee dark and string, with real cream and sugar.

  260. jessica z

    I love rich and creamy coffee!

  261. GinaL

    I like it with crean and sugar

  262. My bf’s coffeemaker is quickly dying, so this would be wonderful for him!  Happy holidays!

  263. Candace

    I will be gifting this to my husband if I win 🙂

  264. Mary

    I like my coffee with a bit of milk. And I’d keep these goodies for myself or share them with my brother.

  265. I like my coffee with a splash of cream!

  266. amanda sakovitz

    i like mine w milk and sweet n low

  267. Jennifer Butler

    What an awesome giveaway! I LOVE Coffee. I always add vanilla. 

    Jennifer B

  268. Christine J

    I like mine with cream and sugar, just a little to lighten it up.

  269. wen Budro

    I like my coffee flavored with caramel or chocolate and iced.

  270. Thomas Murphy

    I like lots of cream and sugar in my coffee.

  271. Melanie Dauterive

    I like my coffee hot with hazlenut creamer.

  272. Laurie Nykaza

    I love coffee with some creamer in it !

  273. Kamla L.

    I love coffee is practically any form I can get it in.  The Ninja sounds like a coffee lover’s dream machine!  🙂

  274. Aimee L

    I love my coffee with a hint of hazelnut cream or a nonfat vanilla latte when I am splurging 🙂

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