Orange Creamsicle Fudge Bites

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I love orange flavored treats. I mean, I really really love them. You all can have your chocolate, your peanut butter…but I want orange. Root beer floats rock, too. I admit it. I am addicted. During my pregnancy with my oldest I pretty much had one daily. But Orange Dreamsicles? Heavenly. My grandma always had these in her freezer, along with ice cream bars and fudgesicles. I always went for the Orange bar. These cute little bites of orange fudge taste like an orange creamsicle. No really they do. Except they aren’t frozen. Or ice cream. Other than that…

Hmmm. They look like ice cream. But they are not. I have an obsession with making things bite size right now. Hence the cookie dough bitesbanana truffle sundae bites, and the frozen banana bites. If I had any sort of self control and only ate ONE bite, then I can see how convenient that would be, and how good for dieting, etc. However, I eat bite after bite after bite. I can’t stop they are too good. You know what that means? My husbands co-workers are in for a nice they go! Enjoy!

Orange Creamsicle Fudge Bites


  • 3 cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup heavy cream
  • ⅔ cup evaporated milk
  • ¾ cup butter
  • 1½ pkg white chocolate morsels
  • 1½ cup marshmallow creme (Fluff)
  • 4 tsp orange extract
  • 2 oranges, zested
  • 9 drops yellow food coloring
  • 3 drops red food coloring
  • 16 oz vanilla bark (white candy coating)


  1. In large saucepan, melt butter with sugar, evaporated milk and heavy cream. Cook and stir over medium-low heat until mixture starts to boil. Boil for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and add white chocolate morsels and marshmallow creme. Whisk until smooth.
  2. Add extract, orange zest, and food coloring. Pour into a greased 13x9, foil lined pan. Refrigerate until set (or overnight). Cut into squares and freeze for 30 minutes (or more).
  3. Melt vanilla bark according to package. Dip each square of orange fudge into chocolate using a fork, tap extra chocolate back into bowl. Decorate immediately with sprinkles if desired.

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  1. My hubby loves orange creamsicles so I have a feeling he would love these. Me…I’m a pb/choc lover through and through:-) Thanks for stopping by my blog…I am now a follower of yours:-)

  2. Your hubby was so nice to share a piece of the Orange Creamsicle Bites with me today in the office and all I can say is YUM, YUM, YUM!!!! You officially have a new fan.
    Sylretta (Rita) Jones

  3. Jocelyn- thanks for following!
    Rita- I’m glad you enjoyed them! I made way too many treats! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Aimee…I was so happy to see this recipe! I have made Creamsicle fudge before & loved it, but I lost my recipe! 🙁 But here you have saved the day again

    Now if I can just find the time to make it!

    Yipee thanks Aimee!!!

  5. Ali

    Aww, those are so cute. I love creamsicle flavors. These are adorable. I am gonna pin & stumble this to share with others. 😀

  6. Lark- had no idea others knew of this flavor! Glad I could help 🙂

    Ali- thanks!

  7. These look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must try them now!!!! 🙂 Just bumped into your blog and LOVE it!

  8. This treat is my sister’s favorite flavor! I will have to make some of these for her – SOON!

  9. oh my gosh these look wonderful!!

    Just wanted to let you know I changed my blog url from eating in winnipeg to hope to have you come over there and follow me there 🙂

  10. I’m not sure that there are too many things better than the taste of orange dreamsicles. Love! I think I am also in love with your site. It’s beautiful.

  11. @ Moquelish- thank you 🙂

  12. These look fantastic. I will be making them to send to my son at college! He will love them. I know what you mean about making things and then giving them away. I give food to my husbands friends on a weekly basis. If I keep it, I will eat it! Especially the sweet stuff!!
    Thanks for a great post.

  13. Hi Aimee,
    My kids are going to love this recipe they will really enjoy this treat. Thanks for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and come back soon!

  14. What a nice blog you have, this recipe is just wonderful.

  15. Wow! I can just imagine what these would taste like and that’s wonderful! What a great idea! I’d like to invite you to share your recipe on A Well-Seasoned Life’s Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  16. How adorable! I love creamsicles and these are so pretty too!

  17. Liz

    These look amazing! I love anything with orange flavor! Thank you for sharing. I am your newest follower, visiting from .

    I hope you get a chance to stop by. Have a great week.


  18. Kim- they are pretty wonderful, you must try!
    Liz- thank you.

  19. WOW!!!!!!!

    This looks like a delicious Summer Recipe! We are hosting “FUN SUMMER RECIPES” at our Linky Party THIS WEEKS CRAVINGS! We’d love for you to come by and link up! (Thanks a million) 🙂

  20. Thanks for coming back and linking to THIS WEEK’S CRAVINGS, next Monday is Father’s Day Favorite Recipes, hope to see you linking up again!

  21. Stop. Those look DELICIOUS. I’m not even a creamsicle fan, and I think I would love those! Going to try this weekend 😀 😀

  22. Sarah- I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try them this weekend!

  23. Wow, this recipe looks so yummy! Looks like you’ve got some great recipes over here. Thanks for the blog visit and comment luv 🙂

  24. What a cute blog!! So many great recipies!! I have a few I am going to try. Found you though ginger snaps linky pary. I am a new follower.

  25. Yum! Those look amazing!

  26. Amy

    These look amazingly delicious! My hubby is a huge orange flavor fan and I’m sure he’ll love these treats! Thanks for sharing and I sure will try out this recipe!


  27. Hi! I’m featuring your recipe on It’s a Keeper Thursday this week! I’d love if you stopped by and grabbed a button.

    And, feel free to link up another great recipe this week too!

    Christina @ It’s a Keeper
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  28. Creamsicles are my favorite! I love the flavor!

    I’m now following your blog. I’d love it if you’d come over to my site and follow me too! Thanks!

  29. Yes, I’m drooling over my computer screen. Yummy!

  30. i’m obsessed with bite-size & mini things, too! 🙂

    these look so yummy! i really love orange flavored treats, too… these would fit the bill!

    thanks so much for linking up to mangia mondays!


  31. I’m all about the bite-size as well…but you can’t ever stop at one, you are right!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Creative Juice!

  32. You’ve got my tastebuds tingling with this one. Thanks so much for sharing this at Sweets for a Saturday.

  33. Wowie..just getting around to visiting all the great links. These are DEVINE!!!! I am so glad you linked these up to Tea Party Tuesday. What a talent you have a great photo too!!!!!

  34. Mmmm…orange dreamsicles are one of my favorite flavors from childhood, so I know I’d find a special bliss in these wonderful little fudge bites!

    Thank you for being a part of what made this week’s “A Little Birdie Told Me…” linky party the best yet!


  35. I saw you on melt in your mouth Monday… Wanted to invite you to come on over to my tasty Tuesday link party!

  36. YAY! You were in the top 6 for last week’s Themed Baker’s Sunday! Come back this next week for the new theme: STRAWBERRIES! And don’t forget to enter yourself to win a free Brownie Pop Mold!

  37. So pretty!!!! I saw these on Tasty Kitchen. They look like my Funfetti Blondie Bites I posted this morning. 🙂

    We should get together and have a dessert party! 🙂

  38. Anonymous

    I just wanted to let you know, I made two batches of this last night and followed the recipe to a T. I have no idea why, but they never set up…. just like goop. I added some powdered sugar and they were fine. But wow… following the recipe as it was written was a huge fail for me. I’m wondering if there was an ingredient you failed to mention in this recipe? Because I made two batches, followed the recipe each time and both batches came out like goop, sticky and runny?! I was so frustrated. I’ve followed your recipe for egg nog truffles in the past and they were perfect. This one I had to add a lot of powdered sugar for it to be a success. How did yours set? I had mine in the fridge overnight and then in the freezer for 3 hours.

    • I am so sorry this was a fail for you. I double checked the recipe ingredients and they are all there. I’ve made this several times and have had no problems. When you bring the mixture to a rolling boil, do you allow it to boil the full 4 minutes? Otherwise I am at a loss why it wouldn’t see for you. I usually just refrigerate overnight or at least 2 hours.

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