Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge

Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge recipe...aka #copycat Tiger Butter

Have you ever been to a good chocolate store? I like to visit and get ideas. Is that odd? Back in Illinois I used to frequent Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Oh yum. You may remember me making these treats. Well, have you heard of Tiger Butter? It’s basically a peanut butter and chocolate fudge treat.

I have taken it a step further and added in the pretzels. Why not?

These are so easy to make. I just cut them into squares and they are a perfect sweet treat to put in the kid’s lunchboxes! Hope you enjoy them as much as we are!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge

Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge


  • 2- 11oz bags quality white chocolate morsels (I used ghiardelli)
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 4 oz milk chocolate (good quality)
  • 80 mini pretzel twists


  1. Melt white chocolate and peanut butter together until creamy. I do this in the microwave. Starting at one minute, stir, add 30 second intervals of heating, then stirring until smooth. Spread on parchment lined cookie sheet.
  2. Melt milk chocolate and drizzle over white chocolate. Using knife you pull chocolate so that the two blend together. Immediately press in pretzel twists. Allow to cool and set. Cut into squares. Eat and enjoy!

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  1. Don’t show these to my husband! He’d make hundreds!

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Rocky Mountain and I know there’s one right near us. Definitely need to do that!

  2. What a clever idea…I can’t wait to try making these 🙂

  3. Lisa and Lisa 🙂 They are fabulous- and super easy! It makes a ton too, I put them in a ziploc in the cookie jar and we’ve been eating them all week.

  4. These look so simple and delicious! Thanks for sharing. I found you on Sweet Tooth Friday.

  5. What a great idea! I love things like chocolate covered pretzels, so I’m sure these are delicious (and addicting)! Thanks for linking this up to Fat Camp Fridays this week! See you next week!

  6. Oh Thank you for sharing this recipe! I think salty pretzels with chocolate is pure heaven! : ) I love Ricky Mountain Chocolate Factory!! We have one here where I live!

  7. What a cool idea! Looks delicious too!! I’m a new follower here 🙂

  8. Yum, yum! Thanks for linking up with Sweet Tooth Friday again this week.

  9. WOW! My family would LOVE this!!

    Thanks for linking up Aimee! I featured your post in my wrap up

    Happy Mother’s Day

  10. I recently made Tiger Butter and blogged about it. I love Tiger Butter from Rocky Mountain and that was what inspired me to make it. I love the pretzels on each of your squares.

  11. Love your blog!! I’m following:)

  12. Unique recipe. I’ll give this one a try. Also, I’m your newest follower.

  13. Never thought of doing white chocolate and peanut butter together. Sounds delicious!

  14. Wow, what a yummy recipe. Love the salt and sweet. Thanks for sharing your recipe and also thanks for linking to TMTT over At The Well, this week. 🙂

  15. This is so cool!
    Will have to make this with my son.

    (Visiting from make a food-e-friend Monday)

  16. i am a super geek for peanut butter and pretzels. add chocolate and i’m toast. thanks so much for sharing, love you and your blog 🙂

  17. how creative, this looks wonderful =]

  18. Boy does that look yummy. I love every ingredient.

  19. I love everything about this recipe — the salty, the sweet, the black, the white, the whole cool graphic look! Delicious and Chic!

    So glad I saw your link-up over at the Tuesday Night Supper Club!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  20. Thanks everyone, I hope you all give it a try!!

  21. Oh! Why didn’t I think of this! It’s BRILLIANT! Brilliant I say! Awesome post!

  22. And these… well, I love chocolate peanut butter anything. Thanks for linking them at
    Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday!

  23. I have been wanting to make fudge for awhile now and i cant wait to make this recipe! I am so glad I found your blog.

  24. tiger butter? you should send some over to charlie sheen to help his tiger blood 🙂 this fudge looks so yummy..salty-sweet and crunchy..such a perfect combination.

  25. Oh Mercy! This recipe makes me want to get up and sing and shout ‘Hallelujah’! I was so happy to see that you linked it up to “A Little Birdie Told Me…”!!


  26. oh dear! I think my diet is flying out the window – gotta find some self control lol

  27. these look amazing hope you don’t mind I am going to share these with my blog readers with a link back to here you will find it on

  28. Thanks shopannies…don’t mind at all!

  29. Aim – made these tonight – very yummy but mine did not turn out into perfect squares like yours – I cut them but it cracked several times and i got a lot of triangles….not that i care – still tastes the same and don’t think the teachers will care either!

  30. Kari, did you cut them cold or room temp? I cut mine room temp, not sure if that’s what mattered. Mine all came out square. Hmmmm. Sorry?

  31. Just wanted to thank you for linking up on my Whisking Wednesdays link party last week and hope to see you again this week!

  32. I love the sweet and salty combo here. Sounds delicious!

  33. OH MY – these are GORGEOUS – love them!!
    Found you from throwback thursday linky party 🙂

    xx ♥ m

  34. These look so yum! I also love love the presentation! So pinning this:D

  35. I LOVE your blog! Sooooo many yummy treats to try…and these look INCREDIBLE!! I’ll be testing them on my family tomorrow!! My guess is, I better make a double batch!!! Thanks for sharing such fabulous recipes!! (I have allergies and must eat gluten free, but I have an excellent flour blend substitution that I use, ‘Better Batter’, so I can still enjoy your AHHHHMAZING treats…PHEW!! Lol)

  36. What a wonderful idea! I love the recipe and photos 🙂

  37. there’s something about this….that makes me want to eat the ENTIRE bar. Looks awesome!

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