Pistachio Pudding Cookies and a Jo Tote Giveaway

Pistachio Pudding Cookies- with Craisins, White Chocolate and Pistachios! #JELLO

I’m so excited about all of my giveaways this month. I hope you have enjoyed them as well. Today is one I hope you are going to LOVE!

How does a Jo Tote, of your choice, sound to you? (And might I mention here this giveaway is for everyone, not just US Residents!!!)

Have you seen Jo Totes? These are only the most stylish camera bags/purses ever! My husband does not like me spending money on purses. He doesn’t understand the seasonal-ness of a purse. But how could he argue a camera bag? A camera bag with tons of pockets, and padding? Plus, they are totally customizable. You move the pads around to fit your camera, your lenses, etc!

Jo Totes provide a fashionable way for women to safely carry their camera bodies and lenses, along with regular purse items, every day—whether it be to a photo shoot, while traveling, or just while out on a regular day. Jo Totes was generous enough to provide me a bag to review! I chose the Black Gracie model, and absolutely LOVE it. I not only carry my Nikon D3000 with my 18-55mm lens, but also everything else a mom of 4 kids would carry. Wallet, lip gloss, water bottle, Luna bars (usually 3-4…never know who is hungry after sports practice), day planner, and all the other loose articles that make their way into my purse!

And guess what? It’s going to be PERFECT when I go to my very first blogging conference next year. Yep, I finally signed up for a conference…BlogHer Food in Austin, TX. I’m so excited about going. Except I have one big fear. That nobody will know me! I’d like to think I’ve made some friends in this great big blogging world, but will they recognize me? Will YOU know me and say hello if you’re going too? I’m such a shy person in real life. Seriously, I am. The conference is over 6 months away and I’m already getting nervous, haha!

So if you go to BlogHer Food, I’ll be the one carrying the ever so stylish Black Gracie Jo Tote, smiling awkwardly.


What I’m not shy or awkward about is cookies!

Pistachio, Cranberry and White Chocolate Pudding cookies, to be exact! These were amazing. And the pudding keeps these cookies soft, forever…or until the last one gets eaten!

I happen to love Pistachios. Some of my favorite treats include the following recipes…

Pistachio Fudge: Creamy fudge with Pistachio Pudding topped with a Dark Chocolate Ganache

 Pistachio Rice Krispie Treats: Chewy Krispie Treats with Pistachio Pudding topped with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Watergate Cake: A delicious layer cake with Pistachio Pudding, Coconut, and Pecans

Yield: 3-4 dozen cookies

Pistachio Pudding Cookies

Pistachio Pudding Cookies


  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • 1 box (3.4oz) pistachio instant pudding mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 cup dried cranberries (craisins)
  • 2 cup white chocolate morsels
  • 1/3 cup pistachios, shells removed and chopped


  1. Beat butter and brown sugar until creamy. Mix in the pudding mix, eggs and vanilla extract. Add flour, baking soda and salt, mix until combined. Fold in cranberries, white chocolate and nuts. Drop by tablespoon onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  2. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 11-13 minutes. Makes 40 cookies. ENJOY.


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**Shugary Sweets was provided a Jo Tote to review, there was no other compensation awarded. All opinions are my own!


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133 comments on “Pistachio Pudding Cookies and a Jo Tote Giveaway”

  1. I have wanted a Jo Totes forever – seriously have had my eye on so many of their bags for years!! Fabulous giveaway and I I can’t even say which bag I’d pick…all of them! Love.their.bags!!!

  2. Thanks for this giveaway and the pudding cookie look so YUMMY! I would pick the Gracie Creige bag love them!

  3. Oh my do I love those. I just came back from a trip in Asia and a Jo Tote would have been perfect. What a great giveaway!

  4. I LOVE the Georgia Herringbone bag! Sooo pretty.

  5. MaryB

    I would pick the Betsy in either teal or black.

  6. Suzanne

    I would choose the Gracie bag.

  7. Denise M.

    I would choose the chocolate colored bag……yummmmm chocolate! 🙂

  8. Becca

    The bags all look super cute! I like the Rose ones

  9. Megan

    I would choose the Georgia Plaid bag.

    I love pistachios and I am so excited to be trying these out.

  10. Tina V

    Great site and recipes…looks like a great tote too…

  11. Robyn

    If I won, I would choose Rose Raspberry.

  12. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Tough decision! I love the Gracie Greige! thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Terri

    I would choose the Gracie Teal!

  14. I would love to have a bag that would hold all my “stuff” and a camera!

  15. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! I don’t know which one I’d choose, though the sugarplum is awfully cute! Oh, and I’ll be smiling awkwardly at BlogHer, also; we can be shy together!

  16. Oh my goodness these look so good! I’m stopping by from Voiceboks & i hope your having a great Sunday!

  17. I would chose the Allison Mustard. I have been looking for a nice mustard purse to wear with my cranberry coat.
    BTW, I’m new to your blog! I am going to look around some more!

  18. I love pistachios too!! I just made candied pistachios for a salad and they were so good!!!

  19. karen

    I really like the Millie. I love the Sugarplum color. Pewter is so nice–no wonder it is sold out! I never heard of Jo Totes and what a fabulous idea.

  20. Julie

    If I won I would choose a Rose Pewter bag!

  21. I love the Betsy in Mustard!! Your cookies sound so lovely!!

  22. lori rose

    Love it….I think I’d pick the black one,but love them all…

  23. Michelle Baxter

    I would choose the Betsy in Mustard! Super cute!

  24. Love pistachios! And I love these bags! I have been looking for a stylish camera bag/purse FOREVER! {OK, not really forever, but a few years} I would totally want either the Missy or Gracie in Mint or the Rose in Moss. But they’re all so cute!

  25. Beth C.

    Love these bags! I think I would choose the Missy in black.

  26. Hannah

    I would pick the Rose Raspberry for my best friend!

  27. Niki Shepherd

    I love those totes! The red one is probably my favorite! Or maybe the black 🙂

  28. We will be smiling awkwardly together…so I think that means we will be confident because there is strength in numbers:-) My eye is on the teal Betsy!!!

  29. WANT!!! I think I’ve entered almost every JoTotes giveaway that I’ve seen. I love the Rose bag in Pewter. So pretty!

  30. OMG the pink one. TOTALLY. I loooove purses – I’ve had to curb my addiction just a little bit, but you’re right. I totally need a camera bag. 🙂 And these cookies – well. Pudding cookies. SO I LOVE THEM.

  31. Ooh, I am SO excited to meet you at BHF next June! I promise I’ll recognize you and hang out with you–as long as you like me! hehe. I am loving these cookies and your love for pistachios seems to be just as strong as my own 🙂 and those bags are TOO. CUTE. I’ve had my DSLR for over a year now and I have no camera bag, so I’d love the Gracie one! SO ADORABLE.

  32. Great recipes!!! Excited to try many of them. If I win … I would LOVE the yellow/gold handbag.

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Maureen

    I am a fan of the Georgia Plaid bag.

  34. Jen

    Love the Millie Sugarplum…thanks for the “introduction” to Jo Totes!

  35. Jennifer

    I would choose one of the Georgia Nauticals bags!

  36. Chris

    Love pistachio and love the bags

  37. Julie

    Love the Betsy teal! All your goodies look so good!

  38. Tracy

    Stylish camera bags, that thought that was an oxymoron! Running to the site right now but I would love to win one!!

  39. jane n.

    the bags are so cute…you cookies looks so good. i am going to make a batch to try it out.

  40. Meg

    What a brilliant giveaway, thank you! The Betsy in Teal is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. The colour is my absolute favourite, and it’s such a practical AND attractive design – two things I find important in a bag. Most of all, it looks like it would be really comfortable to wear – just what I’m looking for! This would definitely be the one I’d pick 🙂

  41. Christi P.

    I would pick the Betsy in Black!!!! This is on my Christmas Wish List!! Thank you for the chance….

  42. Charlotte Moore

    I do like the black Gracie, but I saw another black not see the name. It is very nice though. Thanks!!!!

  43. barbara n

    I would love the Rose Raspberry

  44. June Schrader

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm cookies!!! As long as the bag is purple Im happy! :o)

  45. Linda

    What a terrific giveaway! Picking a favorite is a tough decision….I love them all!

  46. anna

    love your blog….love the prize

  47. I am a big fan of yours on FB and as I buy my gift for my husband to give me this would be ideal…thank you for your recipes and your give a away.

    Beverley xoxo

  48. KaySue

    I would choose the Georgia Herringbone.

  49. kathy diebel

    those purses/camera bags are too cute!!!

  50. These totes are adorable!! Wish I was going to the BlogHer conference too….you will have a great time, I’m sure!

  51. Melissa L.

    I like the Betsy. Great Looking totes.

  52. Elin

    I love the Betsy bag. I’m torn between playing it safe and getting black or being bold and getting teal.

  53. I would LOVE the Georgia nautical. So cute!

  54. If I won (and I can enter, yeah!) I would pick the Gracie Mustard bag! 🙂

  55. Shelly

    I love the Rose Raspberry bag.

  56. Paula

    Love the Betsy bag! The chocolate color is very versatile.

  57. Keri

    Allison Black is practical, but Georgia Herringbone is SO CUTE! Love them all.

  58. SalBug

    Love them all, but the Gracie Mustard bag would be my choice.

  59. I want the Gracie in MINT. it looks like it would fit my camera and lenses and laptop!

  60. Ooh…those are purty! I think I’d pick the Gracie Teal.

  61. Anne

    I love the red Gracie! That would definitely be my first choice.

  62. Becky

    I like the Rose Black. So cute!

  63. Erin b

    Black messenger tweed looking one

  64. Sheila

    The tote would make a great gift for me!! lol Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  65. Rose raspberry would be great!

  66. Krista E.

    Missy in chocolate.

  67. First things first, My hubby adores pistachio pudding so these just went on my baking list. I’ve never even had it before but I love pistachios. and with Cranberries and white chocolate, well yes please! As for the Jo Tote, these are the most awesome bags, I’ve had one on my christmas wish list but so far, hubby hasn’t taken the hint. I love the Georgia with the pin stripes but do see it as available, only in the preview.

  68. I’m always game for a good cookie! Oh and I’d totally want the Allison – it’s the size I’ve been looking for!

  69. What great bags. I would pick the Rose Raspberry.

    I wish I could go to a conference…someday! I am super shy too, so that is one of my concerns. And I love pudding in cookies (I made some today too), hubby is a huge pistachio fan!

  70. Kristin

    I love Rose Marigold! So dainty and lovely!

  71. I’ve never heard of Jo Totes. heading to their site now to check them out!

  72. elizabeth

    The brown messenger bag is beautiful!

  73. Jan R

    Milie sugarplum…please!

  74. Terri C in Northern Cali

    I wish I could go to the blogher event in Texas but I don’t think it is in the cards for me. I am going on my firsttrip to Hawaii & a Jo bag would be really nice for the trip.

  75. Geeni

    I love all the colors! Teal and mint, oh my.

  76. Amanda G

    Love the cookies and Tote giveaway! Especially the yellow one.

  77. Angi M

    I have wanted a Jo-Totes for ever! hope I win one…any one of them. I’m not picky 🙂

  78. Debby G.

    I would choose the Allison in black.

  79. Ohhh I LOVE the Rose bags! I can’t decide what color I like better, my top three are the Raspberry, Marigold and Teal.

  80. Oh dear. Pistachio is one of my major weaknesses. Looks like I’m filing this recipe away to make in the near future. So many sweets and so little time!

  81. Janine Carnes

    All of this looks yummy and I love the rose coral bag.

  82. Kristen M.

    There are so many cute options but when it comes to bags I tend to stick with black.

  83. Sarah L

    I love the Noir Tote.

  84. Oh how exciting! I just bought a new camera and I so need a cute bag for it! Hopefully, the other Ohio girl is the lucky winner!! If I won, I would choose the Betsy Black or the Missy Black -love them all so hard to choose! 😉

  85. Shica

    I like the Rose Coral

  86. I’ve been trying to win on of these bad boys FOREVER!!

  87. Wowza! LOVE their bags. My Canon would love to call Betsy in chocolate home!! Thank ya’ll for the awesome chance!!

    P/S you take delicious foody photos.

  88. Lisa

    I have been hinting at my hubs for one of these FOREVER! Thanks to both lovely you & Jo Totes!

    Millie & I would be great pals!!

  89. Megan

    How can I choose just one? I had never heard of these before and now I feel like I can’t live without one! LOL

  90. Ashley

    I like the Georgia Herringbone

  91. Ashley

    I love anything red!

  92. Maritez

    I love the Gracie & Allison bags

  93. Ashley Hatten

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gracie Mint bag!!!

  94. So I think I am the odd man out here but I totally love the Mustard Yellow Gracie, I am digging the color yellow right now!

  95. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d probably choose the Millie Pewter!

  96. Donna G

    I like the millie, but they all are nice.

  97. I am in LOVE with the Betsy in Mustard.

  98. Nothing like waiting to the last minute to enter, right? I’ve been meaning to pop on over since I read the post in my reader but your facebook post just reminded me. 🙂
    I would pick the Missy Mint bag. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  99. Jackie

    Hi Aimee

    What brand of white chocolate chips do you use in your baking.

  100. Excellent internet site. Plenty of practical information listed here. We’re mailing the item into a close friends ans furthermore revealing around scrumptious. Not to mention, thanks a lot on your own efforts!

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