The weekend of swim….

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Yep, another swim weekend is done and over. Alyssa swam yesterday, and did such a great job, she had to return for finals. Unfortunately I use the word “return” loosely, because we were in Kentucky. So we really just stayed for finals.

Today, we are home, and she is on the way to the ER. She was there last weekend for a bladder infection, and today has broken out in a rash from head to toe with a fever (complaining of a sore throat yesterday). I swear, this is getting crazy now. Why on the weekends too, when the doctor’s office is closed? Will keep ya posted on the results…good thing there is no school tomorrow, or is it?
In other news, Tessa had a great basketball game yesterday! Her team lost, again, but she is having a blast. She played against one of her friends from church, which made losing a little easier.

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