TJ having surgery today

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Update: She is in surgery this morning for a torn ACL in her rear leg. It will be nearly 3 months before she is fully recovered from this surgery, and about 3 years before we fully pay it off 🙂

Alyssa did a great job swimming last night, unfortunately (or fortunately?) she did not make her JO cut. Which means we have a break from swimming now until April 11. Yeah?!? With all that is going on with TJ, not having to book a hotel and travel next week is probably a good thing. Not having to run around with her in the evenings, might be a good thing. Alex and Cassidy start soccer next week, so adjusting to those new schedules will be fun!
IN food related news: I made an awesome recipe for Orange Chicken and Pad Thai noodles. It was outstanding and will be added to the Shugarman cookbook soon.

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2 comments on “TJ having surgery today”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope TJ is doing okay after surgery. How long will she have to stay at the vet?
    Let Alyssa know great job in swimming, I love hearing all about it.
    Can’t wait to see you guys soon.


  2. Thanks Mandy!
    TJ should come home today, I will be hearing from the vet this morning.

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