Vacation and a glimpse into my Shugary Life

Warning, this is a very long post. With no food or recipes. So grab your cup of coffee, tea, water and sit for awhile. My husband recently told me that I never share my life with my readers. That I don’t get all, up and personal, with you guys. Ummm, hello….I think I have. Let’s recap.

I confessed about letting my kids drink from garden hoses HERE (indicating what a good mom I am)

I also told you about my love of rice krispie treats HEREHEREHERE and HERE (where I even admit to pushing kids out of the dessert line)

Talked about my weight HERE (in reference to my root beer addiction)

Need I go on?

Okay fine. Here is something you probably didn’t know. I’m snarky and sarcastic. Shut up. What do you mean you knew that?

Alrighty. How about a story? With pictures? This blog, before it became a food blog, was a place where I shared the daily (weekly, sometimes as little as monthly…I get it DAD, I wasn’t very good at keeping up) going-on of our family with my family out of state (and friends too). Which is why you may occasionally see a photo of a spider, or our camper in the links below.

I also get sidetracked often. There another part of me you now know! So…anyways…for Spring Break this year we took the kids on a Cruise. It was so much fun, and now I have family and friends (and a few of you readers too) asking to see pictures. So, I will share a little bit of that, as long as you all pinky promise to not stalk me and my beautiful family. Or call me fat. K, thanks…

…key the elevator music….

Vacation started on Friday, we picked the kids up from school a bit early (shhhh, don’t tell the principal). We had a long drive ahead of us, it’s a little over 11 hours from our house to NYC. That’s New York City. The big Apple. So, here we are all packed up ready to go…


Fast forward 22 hours. Yeah, the car ride was boring. I will say this…to those of you from New you not have hotels?? Seriously people. We decided to drive just past the border of Pennsylvania into NJ (on I-80). Got out of the Poconos and literally had to drive another half an hour to the first hotel. Don’t worry, I’m not a total hater of NJ, you pump our gas for us. Kinda freaked my hubby out. So much so that when he got out of the car to pump our own gas, and the attendant told him it’s full service, we drove to the next gas station. DUH, it’s full service everywhere in Jersey. Way to serve (and keep jobs)! So, as I said, here we are 22 hours later sitting at the waiting area of the cruise ship. See, we are waiting because we were just handed a letter saying the previous cruise had an unusually large amount of passengers and crew members sick with the norovirus so they wanted to take every extra precaution before we load the ship. Hence, delay. {makes ya feel all warm and cozy getting on the boat, eh?

Reunited! My gang of four with our besties two kids! Let the fun begin!

Hey Cassidy, where’s the Empire State building?

We are officially on day one, and it’s chilly! But I have a new pedicure I need to show off!

Kids aren’t cold, they found the hot tub!


We figured out how to warm up quickly! Mimosas by the pool.

Awwww, I miss you guys already! Hi Frank, Hi Rhonda!


Our first port day, Cape Canaveral. My husband’s dream of becoming an astronaut came true. Look how happy he is in the center! Everyone, say “awwwww.”
Sorry honey, I know this was probably your favorite day, but when you get your own blog you can write what YOU want.



The other children became astronauts too. Then we saw a lot of buildings from real far away.

We saw a cool iMax movie.

Saw more buildings.

Saw some rockets in a garden.

Ate ice cream. The end.

On port day number two, at Great Stirrup Cay, my husband turned into a snorkeler, with Alyssa. Yeah, guys, thumbs up, you look cool!


Meanwhile, I hung out on the beach, getting my tan on!

It was a gorgeous day at the Cay, weather was a perfect 84 degrees, and the water was fun and refreshing!


This is a great shot of our ship from the beach. No need to buy postcards when Michael can take such nice pictures!

Ahhh, I miss being on the boat…

Port day number 3, Nassau Bahamas. Yah mon.

Oh, and also a big Happy Birthday to Tessa, our blondie, who turned 10 today. Seriously, how many kids get to go to Bahamas for their 10th birthday? Lucky girl…

This was a great day. Another gorgeous day, actually.
We ended up getting day passes to the Hilton, and we got access to their beach and pool. It also was within walking distance to the Straw Market.

But first, lunch. Yes, at McDonalds. See, here was the theory. Our day passes included lunch and drinks (and alcohol). So we decided to pool our money together ($240) and use it only for alcohol and snacks. That was our mission. So first we crossed the street and filled our bellies. This McD’s had music. Who knew? It was quite fun and entertaining too!!


This is the resort we stayed at. And we tried. Real real real hard we tried to drink $240 worth of alcohol. But, sadly, we couldn’t. Our bartender, Benedict, got himself a nice $40 tip!

Lesson learned.

But to our defense, Frank was out scuba diving, so we were short one drinker, and Michael was the designated childcare worker.

Who has their thumb up now?

Oh yeah, taking a picture with the dumpster…

Don’t judge.
Or be jealous.
It was cool at the time…

Spent a lot of time walking through here, the straw market. It was quite stressful, actually. While part of me wanted to bargain, the other part wanted to just give them my wallet (especially if they were toting around a child). Alyssa at one point said, “just give whatever they ask for, don’t negotiate, they need the money more than us.”

Smart girl. So at one point I picked up a bracelet, not intending to buy it, but I did because I didn’t have the heart to walk away…

We soon found out we had to leave here or we wouldn’t have enough money to get home!

Plus, we found this cute gentleman selling giant shells on the side of the road. Yes, we bought one of those too…

Part of our gang here headed back to the ship. Port days were the only days we saw these teenagers. Once on the ship they were gone hanging with each other and new friends!

A little time to celebrate with our birthday girl. So hard to believe she is now 10 years old!! Happy Birthday Tessa, we love you. MWWAHHH!

That’s my BFF Rhonda on the left (me on the right, duh). The scared man in the middle? That’s JP. The comedian/magician from the ship. Want to hear what I said to him to make him give that look? The look that says, “take the picture so I can run away NOW.”

See he was walking by our table, when Rhonda yells out, “Hey JP.” He turns and looks at us, as if he should know us and comes over. I say, “can you take a picture for us?” So he says sure, and starts coming near. Then, the snarky one in me says, “no I mean, here, take my camera, can you get a picture of just me and her.” Of course he laughed, and I said I was kidding, I think there was a comment made like, “oh aren’t you the funny one now.” But overall, I think we scared him. Needless to say, many jokes were made about this one!!

This picture is of Joe. Well, Joe isn’t his real name. But he kept trying to tell us his name and sadly we didn’t understand. But we met some great people at our hibachi table, hi new friends! Joe? Well, he wasn’t very good at his job. He messed up a LOT! I think maybe he was the substitute and his fellow chefs were sick with the norovirus still…

But the food was delish!

So now the cruise is over, and we arrive in beautiful New York City. We purchased the downtown tour bus tickets to hop on and off. Which we did ALL DAY LONG. Quite exhausting. Especially after a week of vacation! But it was worth it. Neither Michael nor myself had ever been to NYC, so this was a first. Being from Chicago we were used to people and traffic. But, OH MY GOSH, NYC is huge!

Of course, we also had to try the pizza. As you can see from the picture this was the reaction. I gotta admit here, don’t be a hater on me, but Chicago pizza is just way better. No comparison. Sorry folks.

I think my baby girl agrees.

Look at all the lights, and cars, and people!

I have quite a few pictures from NYC, of all the various stops and places we went. Central Park, I never even knew how big it was. Guess I always compared it to Grant Park in my head. Silly me. It just keeps on going. And going. And going.

We also stopped at the World Trade Center site. Impressive and emotional. We will never forget!

It was fun going to Chelsea market, even though my kids were quite upset. The bus stop was quite a few blocks, and *gasp* I made them walk. In the cold wind. But I’m glad we did (they might say otherwise).
We went to Battery Park, Rockefeller Center and the American Girl store. A fun day indeed. A fun trip!

Our day ended with a quick stop to Carlo’s Bake Shop. I ordered some treats online before we went on vacation, so fortunately I didn’t have to stand in line. Sadly, because it was the day before Easter, it was quite packed (the bouncer even said so). Yes, they have a bouncer at the door. So I did get to step inside without waiting in line, but it was so crowded I didn’t get photos. However, the treats were out of this world. Just amazing. Mmmmmm.

So, there you have it. A glimpse into what it’s like on vacation with me, Shugary Sweets! Hello? Anyone still here? WAKE UP! or…COME BACK!! I’ve got an easy cookie recipe coming to you tomorrow!

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12 comments on “Vacation and a glimpse into my Shugary Life”

  1. I love getting a glimpse into your shugary life:-) Totally confirms that I know we are going to totally get along in “real” life!!! At one time I used to share way more life on mine too…then I got freaked out when I thought about stalkers and such! So freaked out that I went and deleted a ton of old posts…yea, I kinda regret that now.

    Ok, so we have totally driven to another gas station because of the full service. Glad to know we aren’t alone in that! And a cruise with a virus? Yikes! But it looks like you found a way to get past that…mimosas + pool= fun!!! So is Cape Canaveral fun? Our cruise ports from there and I was thinking to check it out when we get back.

    hahaha! love the snorkler pictures:-) I am with you…tanning on the beach is way better than floating in fish poop!

    I can’t wait to take the kids to Nassau. I know what you mean about wanting to just give them your wallet. So sad. I think it will be good for our kids to see that! And the guy with the conch shells…I think that is the exact guy we bought one from 3 years ago:-)

    Totally looks like a rad and fun trip…minus the just ok NY pizza and walking in the cold air:-) Thanks for sharing a little piece of shugary goodness!!!!

  2. What a fun trip! I’ve taken one of those bus trips in NYC when my sister lived there. You get to see everything without worrying about the traffic – big bonus! Thanks for sharing a peek into your Spring Break πŸ™‚

  3. How fun! I’m so jealous! I have a personal blog that I keep for family stuff. It’s a crazy world, who knows who is looking at your stuff? I’m glad you and your family got to make such awesome memories!

  4. Looks like you had a great vacation! I could really use one right now. πŸ™‚

  5. What a great post! I read your blog everyday and I never knew anything about you. What a great trip and you have a beautiful family.

  6. What a fun trip!
    I agree chicago beats ny pizza any day!
    Drinks by the water sounds great right about now πŸ™‚
    And I just have to say something about your weight…you brought it up!! You look fantastic. I think you’re supposed to get all fat on a cruise but you look like you hit the gym everyday. Lucky πŸ˜‰
    Love all the sweets, but it was nice to catch a glimps into your real life too!

  7. Sounds like you guys had a great trip! I love that you pooled your money together to spend on alcohol. Sounds like something my husband and I would do! Love this post.

  8. It was fun reading about your adventures. I’m glad you had fun, you have such a cute family!

  9. What an incredibly fun vacation! I wish that I could have gone with you! We did a Bahamas cruise a couple of years ago and bought one of those same shells . . . probably from the same guy! πŸ™‚ You have a gorgeous family and I can’t believe how TINY you are after making all these amazing treats on your blog! You must not ever eat them. πŸ™‚
    Have a great day!
    Camille (SixSistersStuff)

  10. What a trip–I do love a peek into ones life!
    We live in Utah but I have enjoyed trips to NYC and Chicago. My daughter lives in Chicago so I have been there many times.
    One trip we took our 5 children to Taste of Chicago on July 4th (crazy I know). We also took in a Cubs game and the fireworks. It was one looong day! After the fireworks we were in a crowd of millions trying to exit Chicago. What an experience but we won’t do it again!

  11. 11 hours? You’re adventurous! I’d probably shoot myself. I loved hearing more about you! That cruise looked amazing, oh the beaches and the warmth. I want to go to NYC so badly – I went years ago with my parents…but I’d love to go as an adult. Kind of a different vaca, if you get my drift. πŸ˜‰ And I can’t believe there was a bouncer at the bake shop!!

  12. Taking the kids to NYC must have been exciting and adventurous. There is so much to see here. Glad it was amazing for you guys.

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