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Hey everybody, this is Michael (the one who never blogs). As many of you know by now, Hurricane Ike took a sharp right turn and ripped through the Ohio River Valley on Sunday, knocking out power to over two million homes in Ohio, including ours. I’m back at work today in Dayton (where there is some power). I wanted to let everyone know that we are ok and I will fill in today for the blog while Aimee is still at home, figuring out creative ways to use our pantry and (quickly) thawing freezer items.

The Storm:
Wow! Never seen anything like that! We didn’t lose any big trees, but it sure was funny seeing all of them leaning at 45 degree angles for awhile. There are a LOT of big trees completely snapped. Many homes knocked down, and a few deaths from falling trees, so we consider ourselves very fortunate. They measured winds by us with up to 70 mph gusts and in Columbus, they measured 80mph, which is a Category 1 hurricane force wind. No rain, just strong winds for hours. Power went out around 2PM Sunday and hasn’t been back on yet. Best estimates are sometime today, but others say up to a week.

So we got into our camper and took out our lanterns and such, scrounged through the battery drawer to find enough C-cell batteries to drive our only boom-box so I could listen to the radio, and started to hunker in for the night.

The Recovery:
Yesterday was actually quite fun. One thing we can be thankful for is that it was perfect weather to not have any power. Low-mid 70’s, not humid at all. We started cleaning up debris from the yard and started a bonfire early. The kids spent time with the neighbors kids carting wagons around and picking up debris from all the yards to feed the bonfire. We rewarded them in the afternoon with s’mores on the campfire. The bonfire burned for almost 12 hours yesterday. We were hoping that a tree would’ve taken out the deck (our apologies to any retired insurance adjusters out there) but I’m kinda glad it didn’t because it would’ve also taken out our grill, which has proved invaluable.

For lunch yesterday, we had an assortment of (almost) frozen burgers dugout from the darkest forgetten corners of freezers. The propane ran out just as the burgers were done (whew). However, we still had extra propane from the camper (so camping saved our butts twice already) because there weren’t any gas stations open nearby. For dinner then, we grilled up a bag of pizza rolls, a Totino’s frozen pizza, some assorted corn dogs, and a neigbors halibut and salmon. All I can say is “I love my grill!!”.

Like I said, the kids had fun collecting trees, branches, and leaves. But it did remind me of camping. Everyone hanging out outside, smelling a little like campfire, roughing it a little bit (of course are soooooo happy for a gas water heater….hot showers for all!!!). Also, we had time yesterday to teach Cassidy to ride her bike without training wheels. She did fantastic! Took to it right away and I don’t think she crashed once. Aimee and I are both a little meloncholy now that we know our last baby is out of training wheels, but at least we’ll always remember the circumstances.

Our cell phone service is intermittent, so if anyone wants to contact me at work, my number up here is 937-630-8414.

One last note:
It’s interesting to see the priorities people make for themselves. Our neighbor has a generator, so yesterday morning we were talking to them about what they have plugged in to it. They had their refrigerator, their coffee pot (yes, they were nice enough to share), and their kids Nintendo chargers. Funny. Then when their mom went to take a shower, she made sure the hair dryer was plugged in to the generator too.

That’s it for me. If the power is still out tomorrow, I may post again, but hopefully the cuter and funnier one will be back online soon.


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3 comments on “We will resume our regularly scheduled blogging shortly”

  1. Anonymous

    Well that is good news that all is OK. I hope your power comes back as promised, but I would not hold my breath.
    It sounds you all are making the best of it.
    Keep us up to date.

  2. wow, thats pretty awesome actually!

    Its cool to hear about a family that actually can have a great time when the power goes instead of just bitching up a storm and being miserable. Sounds like a great time! I heard on the news Gov. Blagoyavich (how the heck do you spell his name?) declared dekalb county a disaster area along with 6 other counties. They must have it much worse in some places because the town of dekalb seems to be ok. The Kish river is high but not like last year and running through peoples homes, at least not in our neighboorhood again.

  3. Glad to hear everyone is okay. Good times rule, keep them up!


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