Divinity Candy

Divinity Candy is a Southern classic. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked on this chewy, soft vanilla treat packed with crunchy pecans!

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Divinity Candy is a Southern classic. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked!

If there’s ever one standout recipe request that I receive, it’s always for the ever popular southern treat, Divinity.

Here’s the thing though. I’ve never had Divinity, let alone made Divinity, so this one took some research.

I wasn’t sure what the texture should be, so a quick search on google revealed that it’s in the marshmallow, fudge, and taffy family.

Divinity Candy is a Southern classic. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked!

I quickly set out to give this a try, and if I’m being honest, my first attempt was a fail. There is a lesson to be learned from me…don’t rush it. In your final step, you need to beat the mixture for about 6 minutes, until it loses it’s glossy finish. You want to be able to scoop some out of the bowl and it will stand on it’s own. My first attempt spread into a puddle on my baking sheet after several minutes.

However, once I repeated my attempt at making this, without rushing, it was a huge success! If I were to describe the texture, I would say once you sink your teeth into the candy, it’s got a fluffy texture like a homemade marshmallow. However, as you continue to bite into it, you’ll find a soft fudge like texture is revealed. I didn’t think “taffy” described this well…as my first attempt was more of a taffy…that spread and was too soft. A soft, tender pillow of Marshmallow Fudge would be my description!

Divinity Candy is a Southern classic. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked!

A few quick tips about making Divinity Candy:

  • First, you’re going to need an electric stand mixer. A handheld mixer will not do the job on this one, as you need a little higher power, and you allow it to run for minutes at a time!
  • Second, don’t attempt to make this on a humid day. Much like meringue cookies, this candy will not set up nicely if it’s too humid. Or so I’m told!
  • Use a good quality PURE Vanilla Extract (or Almond Extract). This will make the flavor stand out.
  • Check your candy thermometer before using it, to make sure it’s calibrated correctly. To do this, place your thermometer in boiling water for a few minutes. It should register at 212° If it is above or below that, add or subtract the same difference in degrees from the recipe temperature! Also, make sure while you are boiling the mixture, the bulb of the candy thermometer is completely covered with liquid and is not touching the bottom or side of the pan.
  • Store your Divinity Candy in a tightly covered container at room temperature. ENJOY!

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Divinity Candy is a Southern classic. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked!

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23 comments on “Divinity Candy”

  1. I first tried this treat when I was very, very young at a friends house when we were living in North Carolina for a time. I was extremely impressed with how delicious it was…keep in mind I must have been around 10 years old so I was used to store bought cookies and cake. Never really had any type of dessert that was home baked, so yeah, I remember being floored with this! Lol. I used to have a recipe for this from an old friends mom but I lost it and have yet to find a great replacement for it. This is taking me down memory lane so I will keep this one in my back pocket, Aimee 😉

  2. I completely agree with you on the trial and error of making Divnity. It has signature traits, like the glossy-to-matte transition that you’d never know until making it. It’s such a unique confection and not difficult to make but definitely has quirks! Yours looks delish.

  3. nice dish for you

    “Just to say “thank you” We all enjoyed your delicious food and the evening was everything we hoped it would be. Thank you so much.“

  4. Veona vateberg

    Whats the recipr

  5. Can I use the candy from the baking section from store? I believe my Mom did and cant remember it. Like small chunks in red, green, so on.

  6. M. Jackson

    I pour my divinity into a buttered 9 x 13 pyrex dish, let it cool and cut it with a knife dipped in hot water.

  7. My Mom made this a lot . She would add different favors like cocoa for chocolate, coconut , crushed peppermint made it pretty at christmas, what ever she wanted at the time. This candy always brings back good memories, thanks for this recipe.

  8. Jake Westovdf

    “MUST USE A STAND MIXER”…..No, you don’t. We have made this (& the microwave version), for 30+ years, using a good handheld mixer & never had a problem!

  9. Reba Robinson

    I make this at Christmas when I first start taking it out with a spoon it so nice and fluffy but at the end it looks dry not as pretty is that because I’m not doing it fast enough or did I cook it to long? 

  10. patricia haskin

    try a drop of red food color and peperment flaver for some of it. my grand kids like it

  11. Karen Iacenda

    This looks great and brings back fond memories. My Mom used to make this at Christmas time and I was hard pressed to stay away from it. It’s so good!

  12. Anonymous

    Thank you for the recipe. One thing of note, water does not necessarily boil at 212 deg F. It will change depending on altitude. 212 is at sea level.

  13. Just made this last night as a surprise for my mom. She said it was excellent! I don’t really care for it and am allergic to nuts, but I must say it was a breeze to make.  My mixer was pretty warm as well. I had almost given up on it and was cleaning up the mess, and went back and looked again and it was standing in peaks!!  Next time I am going to try maple flavor with peanuts, as I am not allergic to them. I’ll let you know if it is a success. Thanks so much for sharing this and all your other recipes😊

  14. Mary Alice Wojciechowski

    When I was a girl, I used to make divinity at Christmas time, decorated with red halves and green slivers (for leaves) of candied cherries, and sold it around town (yeah, it was a different world!) to make money for gifts. I cannot tell you how many hand mixers I burned up–one or two a year, as I recall. I do rather wonder how much money I would have actually made, had I been forced to buy new mixers! (Yes, I would highly recommend the stand mixer. Besides, it is much easier to just pour and scrape, than to pour, scrape and try to manage the mixer at the same time!)

  15. Anonymous

    dont ry to make this if the humidity is high.. or raining…

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