April Fool’s Day Pranks with food

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Looking for some fun April Fool’s Day Pranks with food? 

Looking for some fun April Fool's Day pranks with food? I've got a bunch of ideas whether you want something gross, funny, or innocent! #aprilfoolsday #pranks
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Fun April Fools Day Ideas

Whether you are looking for something completely innocent, or you really want to gross someone out, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Years of living with a boy who loves to prank his family has taught us we needed to step up our game.

So enjoy some of our favorite April Fools day “pranks” over the years!

Mayonnaise filled doughnuts. Add a touch of mayo to a cream filled donut for the ultimate "gross out" for April Fool's Day! #aprilfoolsday #pranks

This was one of the best, and grossest pranks to play. My whole family was coming over for Easter dinner, which also fell on April Fool’s Day. I had bought a box of donuts, some filled, some not. I added some Miracle Whip to one of the unfilled donuts. 

It was an Easter MIRACLE, haha! My brother started eating the unlucky treat. He finished it. It was gross. The end.

April Fool's Day cake pop "poop". Perfect for grossing someone out! Get the easy "recipe"! #aprilfoolsday #cakepops

Once upon a time, I freaked my son out by placing a pile of “poop” on his bed. But it wasn’t actually poop you guys.

I baked a chocolate cake in a 13×9 baking dish, let it cool. Then added in some chocolate frosting. When it was the right consistency I “molded” it into poop. You can read the whole story here (April Fools).

April Fools Day food pranks. Get the details on how to trick people with cake pops and brussels sprouts! #aprilfoolsday #prank

Going back to my first story about the cake pop POOP, you’ll make these treats the same way. Make a bunch of chocolate cake pops! Who can resist.

Only replace a few of them with some chocolate dipped brussels sprouts. It’s a healthier treat, haha!

Meatloaf "rats". Delicious flavorful meatloaf for April Fools Day. Topped with a homemade sweet and tangy "blood" sauce, beady eyes and tails. #aprilfoolsday

These Rats and Bones are often our April Fools Dinner. It’s just homemade meatloaf shaped like a rat. With a tail and beady eyes!

You’ll love the flavor of the meatloaf and will want to save the recipe for future “regular” dinners too!

Bag of bones for April Fools Day. Easy Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks #aprilfoolsday

Add some garlic bread knots to resemble a bag of bones! Super easy and fun. AND delicious!

Make a fun batch of BROWN-EEEEs for April Fools Day. Innocent prank! #aprilfoolsday

Looking for something fun and easy? Cut out some big brown E’s from construction paper. Place them in a metal baking dish, cover with foil. 

When it’s dessert time, ask anyone if they’d like some BrownEEEEEs!

Red velvet rice krispie treats that looks like raw meat.

Check out this “raw meat”! It’s actually red velvet rice krispie treats from my friend Melissa!

April Fools Day Meatloaf Cupcakes recipe!

Eat dessert first (but not really) with these beautiful Meatloaf Cupcakes! Don’t forget the mashed potato frosting!

April Fools Devil's Egg cake pops

Deviled Eggs. Who can resist? Only this time you’ve replace them with carrot cake cake pops dipped in white chocolate with some yellow buttercream frosting and red sugar! 

What a fun suprise!

And finally.

My absolute favorite.

Fill the ice maker with candy. I used mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. Ask someone to grab you a cup of ice water.

What a sweet surprise when candy starts to trickle out! Watch the April Fools video below!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Posted on March 17, 2019

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  1. My brothers’ twins are April Fools Day birthday boys…..I bought 2 carwash sponges, about the size of a loaf pan. Frosted, they were real SPONGE cake.
    The next thing I tried was Mississippi Mud Pie. I had to stop the Mother in law before she ate it. Garden soil in a 13×9 pan. Add a can of frosting!
    The last one didn’t work very well. Onions , whole dipped in a caramel sauce like you would for apples. Too smelly, as it turned out..!

    Of course I didnt do it every year, I had to wait until they weren’t expecting it.I like the cake pop thing with a brussel sprout but I would have to make so many!!!

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