Irish Cream Fudge

Irish Cream Fudge: an after dinner treat just for adults!

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Irish Cream Fudge: a boozy treat for adults!

Sometimes as a parent, I need to stop worrying about what my kids want to eat, and create delicious treats for my husband and I. Treats that include booze, of course!

I love ending a day with a decaf coffee spiked with a little Bailey’s Irish Cream. So it occurred to me, why not make a fudge recipe using Bailey’s?

The fear that my children might sneak and enjoy this fudge was in the back of my mind, but my husband was getting together with coworkers and we thought this might be a nice treat for them! I created this fudge before Valentine’s Day (sorry it took so long to share it), so it was fun to give out little gifts to his coworkers to bring home to their spouses.

Irish Cream Fudge: a boozy treat for adults!

What I didn’t realize, is that my husband may not have made it clear about the booze in the fudge. So when he heard back from a few that their “family” loved the fudge, he felt a little guilt.

But seriously, there isn’t that much booze to cause any alarm…1/4 cup in a whole pan of fudge. But it is enough to give such a delicious taste.

If you’re feeling adventurous, add in half a teaspoon of Espresso Powder after the mixture has boiled. Beat it in with the chocolate and marshmallow cream. Now you’ve got a coffee and Irish Cream fudge. You can think of me sipping my hot drinks while you enjoy piece after piece of this creamy treat!Irish Cream Fudge: a boozy treat for adults!

I topped mine with a drizzle of white chocolate and some chocolate jimmies. (Do you call them jimmies or sprinkles?) I guess that’s a debate for another day!

You can store this fudge in an airtight container at room temperature for a week, or regrigerate it for a couple weeks. If I know I’m going to be storing it for a few weeks, I cut off pieces as I need them. Fudge tends to dry out after being cut…so only cut what you need. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you need all of it. NOW.

I have even more fudge storage tips in my guide for how to make fudge.

Get the Irish Cream Fudge recipe from Food Fanatic!

Irish Cream Fudge: a boozy treat for adults!

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Posted on March 16, 2015

Comments & Reviews

  1. I made this today, and followed the recipe EXACTLY!!  It tastes absolutely amazing, but it’s a little gritty….. I am an accomplished fudge maker with over 35 years with no fails!  What in the world did I do wrong???

    1. Oh that’s bizarre. The only thing I can think of is not boiling the mixture long enough, however, it wouldn’t set up properly. I wish I had an answer for you!

  2. I live in Australia what is marshmallow cream, what can we use instead never heard of this ingredient cheers Sue

  3. Hi there, quick question.  I live in the UK and we don’t have marshmallow cream.  Is it the same as fluff which we can get here?   This rep looks lovely and I really want to hav a go at it.  Thanks.

  4. Boozy treats for the win! This fudge looks incredible! Can’t wait to give this a try 🙂

  5. I think the same way, I want to make boozy desserts and then Jordan’s all “Mom can I have one or does it have wiiiiiiine in it?” LOL I love irish cream and this fudge is perfect!

  6. This looks so fabulous. Now I’m craving Irish Cream Fudge!!! Yay for the over 21 crowd. (That’s us!)

  7. Haha lets be honest…who has fudge sitting around for a couple of weeks?!?! Not at my house!!! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Perfect recipe for today!

  8. Agreed! Sometimes you have to put the adults first. This fudge is perfect for that!

  9. You are definitely the queen of fudge! This looks awesome and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

  10. Fudge is my guilty pleasure. I don’t have it very often but when I do, I devour it. This kind looks amazing and so festive!

  11. You know how I solved the “I can’t put booze in stuff” problem?
    I didn’t have kids 😉 Well, yet.
    I also have never made fudge, but you had me at Irish Cream! Pinned!

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