School Morning Quiche

Looking for a quick school morning breakfast idea? These no-crust quiche are the perfect answer. Make them ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for a healthy, delicious breakfast!

I’ve teamed up with the American Dairy Association, Mideast once again to bring a “moo-velous” recipe to you all. Of course, all opinions are my own!

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School mornings are busy enough. Why not enjoy some of these no-crust quiche. Make ahead and freeze #bacon

I hate making breakfast on school mornings. Most mornings my kids either grab a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast. Sometimes they might even eat a piece of fruit or yogurt. But VERY VERY rarely do I make something like pancakes, french toast or eggs.

This is the little piece of mom-guilt I have lived with for many years. It’s busy enough getting everyone up and awake in the morning (that includes myself) and making sure they all walk out the door with lunches and homework, that “cooking” breakfast becomes the furthest thing from my mind. Until they are all off at school and see the remains of what they all ate for breakfast. And the mom-guilt kicks in.

So, what’s a mom to do?

I’ve got a solution for you!!! Or at least for me, because YOU probably are good at making breakfast??

These no-crust bacon and cheese quiche are MY answer. Each batch makes about 10 muffins sized quiche, so you can certainly double (triple!) the recipe if you desire. But here’s the best part.

School mornings are busy enough. Why not enjoy some of these no-crust quiche. Make ahead and freeze #bacon

You can put these in a big freezer safe ziploc bag so in the morning you put the quiche on a plate, microwave it for 30 seconds. And VOILA. A filling breakfast that will take away ALL traces of mom guilt.

And, your kids will thank you too.

Studies show kids who eat breakfast have higher test scores and better class participation. I truly need to be a better example and role model for my kids. This may surprise some of you who know me well, but I’ve started eating breakfast in the morning. True, it’s only Greek yogurt and coffee….but that’s a start. However, now that I have a freezer full of these quiche, and they only take 30 seconds, I have no excuses anymore!

School mornings are busy enough. Why not enjoy some of these no-crust quiche. Make ahead and freeze #bacon

You can totally customize these to YOUR preferences too. Take out the bacon and add in some spinach. Or fill them with veggies like green pepper, mushroom, and leeks. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Did I mention yet that these are great for dinner too? Or after school snacks?

I just went from dead beat mom to SUPER mom. I’ll take that title, haha!

School mornings are busy enough. Why not enjoy some of these no-crust quiche. Make ahead and freeze #bacon

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Yield: 10 mini quiche

School Morning Quiche

School Morning Quiche
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • 6 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup half and half (may also use heavy cream or milk)
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp dried parsley
  • 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, half and half, garlic, pepper, parsley and parmesan cheese. Add cheddar and bacon, mixing until fully combined.
  2. Spray a cupcake (muffin) tin with non-stick spray. Scoop about 1/4 cup mixture into each muffin cavity. Fills about 10 spots.
  3. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Remove, cool 5 minutes in pan, and remove from pan. Serve immediately or freeze for later use.


  • Recipe easily doubles.
  • Add spinach and veggies instead of bacon if desired.

I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers to spread the Dairy love this month and encourage some good Back to School habits! Be sure you stop on over to their blogs and checkout their mouthwatering recipes!

Join me (and all my blog friends) as we tweet with the American Dairy Association! Get some delicious back to school recipe ideas!



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54 comments on “School Morning Quiche”

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  3. I think it’s the RARE mother who gets her kids out the door with lunches, homework, athletic practice clothes, etc gets them out on time, and gets herself out on time, AND then cooks a big ‘real’ breakfast like pancakes, eggs, etc. You are not alone! I’d love to meet the moms who do all that 🙂 These are a great solution, Aimee! Pinned

  4. I don’t have kids to send back to school, but I do have a husband that doesn’t know how to make his own lunch and would love finding some of these in there! Pinned!

  5. Let’s see if I can stick with “real” breakfasts like this for a few weeks and still manage to remember to brush my teeth before I get out the door. Oh how I love school mornings… 😉

  6. My kiddos would love this!! Back to school breakfasts are not my thing for sure.

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  8. I definitely need all the help I can get in the mornings! My daughter started Kindergarten last week (my first in school), and we are new to the whole school morning routine. It’s the fourth day of school and I’m already worn out! 🙂
    These quiches look fantastic and I’m all for a quick, filling, and nutritious breakfast.

  9. Forget about the kids, I would love these for breakfast too! Ok, I’ll share with them. 😉

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  11. School isn’t an issue around here yet, but the idea of having breakfasts done for the husband and daughter once the new baby shows up (~2 weeks) is VERY appealing! *scurries off to make quiche* 🙂

  12. My kiddos would love these. We just had quiche for dinner last night, but these are perfect for school breakfast!

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  14. I could definitely eat 47 of these in the morning! Looks delicious!

  15. This looks amazing, Aimee! We default to cereal way too often…need these instead!

  16. I am all for easy breakfasts that can be made ahead of time…otherwise it is pop tarts and leftovers all around for my crew. Love these cute little popable egg cups!!!

  17. Such a great breakfast idea for when school starts, love these!

  18. I need to make these right now!

  19. These are pretty awesome! Makes mornings so much easier. I these would appear in some lunches too.

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  21. I need to learn how to make these! I’m always in such a rush in the morning, and it would be great to have something that I can just easily pop in the microwave.

    -Helen Grace

  22. I don’t have kids to feed but I would eat these everyday! Loving the single serving.

  23. I love quiche! And even though I have no kids, I usually end up eating oatmeal in the morning before work due to a lack of time. These are perfect!

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  25. I think mom guit is there no matter what we so. It was born right along with our children!
    But these are great. I loe anything you can make ahead!

  26. omg… very tempting… This recipe is new for me… Bookmarked ! I am gonna try this for sure

  27. Mmmm I love crustless quiches, and these are adorable! 😀

  28. This is perfect for when you don’t have time to scramble up some eggs and bacon. Love how cute they are too!

  29. Are you ready for me to cry? Because I’m about to cry. No one in my family likes quiche! It’s a total disgrace and is a further reminder that I must have been adopted into a family of aliens. It’s CRAZY. But I, on the other hand, LOVE quiche and find it to be so irresistibly addictive. And I’m obsessed with these baby quiches, which are pint-sized for JUST ME! *rejoices*

  30. I have never made a cooked breakfast for my kids during the week and we homeschool, so have more time than the typical family. We usually just grab cereal, yogurt & fruit, or oatmeal each morning. I save the pancakes and such for the weekends and sometimes for dinner. Love these mini quiche though and will have to make some for the freezer!

  31. Damn delicious!!!
    the photograph is really seducing me….
    i guess i’ll be really glad starting a day with your quiche too!

  32. So fancy! I love that they can be stored in the freezer…that basically takes away any excuse to not eat a healthy breakfast!

  33. Claudia

    Consequently mouth watering! That looks impressive.

  34. I hear ya on the school morning… I’m dragging and really don’t feel like making elaborate breakfast! This is one awesome breakfast idea, Aimee! Love that you can freeze them!

  35. Bite-size and perfect for a quick early-morning breakfast! So many options to switch it up too. Love it!

  36. these are the cutest little quiches ever.. perfect snack idea!

  37. These look really good! I don’t have kids but I still love make-ahead breakfasts that you can freeze. I will be making some for myself!

  38. Anonymous

    you can made french toast ahead, freeze it and just pop it in the toaster for breakfast, same with pancakes. does not work well if there are things like chocolate chips or fruit in the toast or pancakes, plain works best. Add your favorite toppings or sprinkle with powdered sugar and some coco powder. Add a small scoop of frozen yougurt to steamy oatmeal, it will cool it down for little ones and leave a creamy add to that the kids see as a treat.

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  40. Bridget

    Yum! I just made a double batch of these- broccoli cheddar and spinach mozzarella (we’re not huge bacon fans). Quick question (not sure if it has been asked yet! I didn’t have time to read all the comments): can I use baking cups (like for cupcakes) for these? I used a nonstick muffin pan and cooking spray and they still stuck to the pan and were a nightmare to get out! Eating two now to “taste test” 😉 and they are amazing! Thank you for the recipe!!

  41. wendy

    I do have time to make the kids breakfast, but one insists on cereal and the other is back to toast, much to my distress, however, made these this morning and the older one surprised me by taking 2 to school!! Wrapped in foil, they might still be warm… have frozen the rest and hope they’ll try when they get home from school. I love quiche, but girls no so keen. Hubby and my favourite at the mo is rocket parmesan and eggs, plus pastry. But can’t go past bacon egg and cheese (Lorraine) as it brings back many family picnic memories.
    Thanks lovely pic and great inspiration!

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