Blueberry Lime Crumble

The classic blueberry dessert gets a zesty twist! Blueberry Lime Crumble has a crunchy layer of sugar and oats that keeps you coming back for more. Serve this warm fruit crumble with homemade whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for the complete experience!

Sometimes the simplest desserts are the ones you crave the most. I can’t get enough crumble recipes with juicy fruit and a browned oat topping!

Blueberry Lime Crumble: fresh blueberries and a thick layer of crumble make this the perfect dessert. Don't forget the homemade whipped cream!

Why this Recipe is Best

  • Made with REAL blueberries. You can’t beat the fresh juicy flavor.
  • You only need EIGHT ingredients. And they’re all easy to find at any grocery store.
  • Quick and easy prep. It takes 15 minutes to toss this Blueberry Lime Crumble recipe together. Dessert will be ready in under an hour.
  • Delicious with Vanilla Ice Cream or Homemade Whipped Cream.

My apple crumble recipe is a family staple. Over the years, I’ve created lots of variations!

For today’s version, I paired the fresh blueberries with some lime zest, and I’m so glad I did! The citrus just pops without being overpowering.

And of course, what’s a crumble without the thick crumb layer?

Blueberry Lime Crumble: fresh blueberries and a thick layer of crumble make this the perfect dessert. Don't forget the homemade whipped cream!

Ingredient Notes

Blueberries. The fresher the better! Frozen berries would work too.

Lime zest. Remove the zest from your lime with a zesting tool or microplane grater.

Quick oats. Make sure to use quick cooking oats, not rolled oats or steel cut.

Easy Instructions

The best thing about blueberry lime crumble, besides the taste, is how EASY it is to make!

STEP 1. Toss your blueberries with flour, lime zest and sugar. Then add the berries to the bottom of a casserole dish.

STEP 2. Combine the crumble topping ingredients. Sprinkle over the blueberries.

STEP 3. Bake until bubbly and browned.

That’s it. After a few minutes to let the crumble cool, top with whipped cream or ice cream and enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

  • If using frozen blueberries, let them thaw completely before adding to the recipe.
  • Try this recipe with blackberries or raspberries for a different berry-lime flavor.
  • Add the ice cream or whipped cream topping to individual portions just before serving. The cold cream will melt into the warm crumble as you eat. It’s out-of-this-world delicious!
  • I love Blueberry Lime Crumble best served warm. It’s also tasty served at room temperature or chilled if preferred.

Recipe FAQs

How do you store leftover homemade blueberry crumble?

Cover leftovers with foil or transfer to an airtight container. Refrigerate and enjoy leftovers within 3 days for best taste.

Can I use lemon zest instead of lime?

You can absolutely make this recipe with lemon zest instead of lime. The flavor will be a bit different but lemon and blueberry always pair well together!

I only have salted butter. Can I still make this recipe?

Yes, salted butter will work just fine! I just prefer unsalted because the flavor is more consistent across brands. Different brands of salted butter contain different quantities of salt, which could affect the taste of your crumble a bit.

What’s better than blueberry crumble? Blueberry Crumble with a hint of lime flavor. Don’t forget that extra dollop of whipped cream on top!

Yield: 10 servings

Blueberry Lime Crumble

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


For the filling

  • 4 cups fresh blueberries
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 Tablespons all-purpose flour
  • 1 lime, zested

For the Crumble

  • ½ cup light brown sugar, packed
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup quick cook oats
  • ¼ cup unsalted butter, softened


    1. Preheat oven ot 350 degrees F.
    2. IN a bowl, combine blueberries, sugar, flour, and lime zest. Pour into the botrtom of a 2 qt casserole baking dish.
    3. FOr the crumble, com bine sugar with flour, oats, and butter. Mix until crumbled.
    4. Sprinkles clumps of crumbs over the top of the blueberries.
    5. Bake for 35-40 minutes, until bubbly and browned. Let set 5 minutes before serving.
    6. Enjoy with homemade whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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Posted on June 10, 2014

Comments & Reviews

  1. This looks wonderful! I grew up eating cool whip, too. It was the only kind of ‘whipped cream’ we ever had 🙂

  2. Loved this. Not too sweet, tricked myself into thinking it was healthy, as I ate another bowl. Next time, I’m doubling the recipe. Thank you.

  3. YESSS. Looks soo fruity, crumbly and delicious! I might have to sub the whipped cream with ICE CREAM, it is summer after all 😉 LOVE this

  4. Love this blueberry lime crumble! The lime is so unexpected and who can resist a thick crumbly topping, not me! Homemade whipped cream or ice cream on top, yes please!

  5. Anything with lime and I am totally sold! Add the crust, and wow. I could eat crumbly crust all day for every meal. No problem!

  6. I love a good crumble and this recipe looks absolutely wonderful! I’m a big fan of lime!

  7. I just looked at 5# of frozen blueberries in my freezer and said, “Pie or a crisp???” Thanks, Amy!

  8. I like my crisps and crumbles with EXTRA crumble and this fits the bill beautifully! Yum!

  9. Ooh, this is nice! Just made it with a package of blueberries that had to be used up today. Delightful!

  10. Fruit crisps, cobblers and pies are my favorite summer desserts! I love the blueberry-lime combination here — sounds delicious!

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