Baked Tacos

 Take your tacos to the next level with this Baked Tacos recipe! Create the ultimate dish to serve your family and friends, without your taco crumbling on your plate!

Baked Tacos: create the best dinner, crunchy tacos that don't fall apart!

I know what you might be thinking. Really Aimee, BAKED Tacos? What’s the point?

Well, let me tell you the point, since you asked (yes, pretend with me).

1. Baked Tacos are a great dinner idea to serve a crowd. Forget the mess of many bowls with toppings. Prepare your taco meat ahead of time. Right before dinner. Fill your shells with your meat (and beans, corn, whatever veggies you like heated). Top with cheese and bake! Sprinkle with lettuce and tomato and serve with a few condiments (salsa, guacamole and sour cream are our favorites).

Baked Tacos: create the best dinner, crunchy tacos that don't fall apart!

2. Baking your tacos will create the perfect texture in your shell and it won’t crumble with the first bite. Seriously. This is the major reason I wanted to give these baked tacos a try! I love hard shells for my tacos, but after one bite they become taco salad. Baking the meat and cheese in the shells adds moisture to the shell so it won’t crumble. But it’s not soft either like a flour tortilla. It’s just perfect. And if you have kids, they will LOVE this!

Baked Tacos: create the best dinner, crunchy tacos that don't fall apart!

3. It’s my blog and I can choose to bake my tacos if I want to. Who’s going to stop me? In all seriousness, we eat tacos or some sore of tex-mex dinner several times a week. This is a fun and delicious way to change things up!

I’m sharing this recipe over on Food Fanatic today. Be sure you stop over there and snoop around. It’s TACO WEEK and there are some crazy delicious ideas!

Baked Tacos: create the best dinner, crunchy tacos that don't fall apart!

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34 comments on “Baked Tacos”

  1. I love that you put them in the baking dish and in the oven to get the shells warm and the cheese melted. Simple but genius!

  2. No mess, perfect shell texture, and melty cheese. What’s not to love about a baked taco. I’m on board with you, Aimee. Pinned!

  3. Mmm, tacos! My kids won’t eat tacos (WHAT?!) but I’m making this as soon as my husband comes home!

  4. What a great time saving idea. I always forget to heat my shells until the last minute. If I do it your way, I can have crunchy tacos with a hot filling. Perfect!

  5. This is such a yummy idea!!! Tacos are always such a pain and really messy. I like that this is so easy! Pinned!

  6. We eat tacos on a regular basis, too! Love this idea for making the whole process easier and less messy!

  7. I love the idea of baking tacos! Because when you do it the other way and all the meat falls out of the other side, that can get super frustrating. This way is much smarter.

  8. Happening here soon, those look amazing!!!

  9. Charlotte Moore

    What a good idea!!! Never would have thought of that. Less messy.

  10. Well, you talked me into it! I love the taste of hard shells, but never use them because of the crumble factor! I never thought to bake a taco…and I think this is brilliant! Count me in.. <3

  11. Totally loving this idea! Pinning to make soon!

  12. What a fun idea and ” but after one bite they become taco salad” — YES! Sounds like this is the answer to the unintended taco salad prayers 🙂 pinned!

  13. Such a great idea!!! My kiddos go crazy for tacos and this makes it so easy!!

  14. What a fun idea, great for a party!

  15. This is how my hubby eats tacos too. I’m a soft shell all the way person, but he likes his hard shells baked to that soft crunchy perfection. Awesome dinner idea for busy nights and party time!

  16. This is SUCH an awesome time-saver dinner, Aimee! My family adores taco night, but I don’t really love all the time it takes to prepare all that—you can bet that THESE things are going on the menu next time! 😉

  17. gudie

    Love this idea for a party, can not wait to make , I also pinned so I will remember…..

  18. This is SO smart, Aimee! This really does cover all of those issues we have with crunchy tacos! I also love this for entertaining. We have a big crowd over for Halloween…this will be perfect! Pinned!

  19. You won’t hear a peep out of me for baking your tacos – I’ve had baked tacos before and they are FAB. Yours look to die for and save me a bunch of crumbly tacos shell mess. AND I was just thinking about starting up a “taco night” at home. 😀

  20. Nan

    I loaded up the shells and let them sit on the counter for about 30 minutes until everyone was home… popped them in while people got cleaned up and seated. This was a yummy and easy dinner!

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