Maple Walnut Fudge

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One of the most requested fudge recipes is finally here: Maple Walnut Fudge. Velvety smooth fudge with maple flavoring and chunks of walnut in every bite!

If you’re craving fudge, be sure to try this delicious Maple Peanut Butter Fudge recipe soon. Or go full chocolate with our Fannie May Fudge recipe. Both are so easy to make!

Pieces of maple walnut fudge on parchment paper.
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Easy Fudge Recipe

Maple Walnut Fudge is one of the most requested fudge recipes on the blog. After sharing my guide to how to make fudge, I’ve gotten tons of emails asking me if I have a great Maple Walnut Fudge recipe.

  • Made with white chocolate, marshmallow cream and maple flavoring, this Maple Walnut Fudge is well worth the little bit of effort it takes.
  • You don’t need a candy thermometer or any special skills to make this easy fudge recipe!
  • And, the best part is Maple Walnut Fudge–like most of my other fudge recipes–can be made well in advance. Perfect for keeping on hand for those last minute visits or cravings for something sweet!

A tin of homemade fudge also makes a great gift for the holidays or party snack to share. Add some pistachio fudge and butter pecan fudge to the tin to share!

Ingredient Notes

Ingredients needed to make maple walnut fudge.
  • Maple Flavoring – Small bottles of maple flavoring is much more concentrated than maple syrup and vital for infusing the fudge with real maple flavor. I buy mine online and use it in tons of different desserts besides this fudge too, like Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts and Maple Bacon Cookies. It gives the fudge the a hint color. If you can only find extract, that will work, but will leave the fudge a creamy white.
  • Marshmallow cream – This ingredient is also called marshmallow fluff. Try our homemade marshmallow fluff for delicious results!
  • Walnuts – Chop into small pieces before adding to the fudge. Pecans are also delicious in maple fudge and would make a tasty swap here. You can also omit the nuts entirely for a tasty plain maple fudge. Toast the walnuts for best flavor! And buy extra so you can make our easy fantasy fudge too.
Step by step photos showing how to make maple walnut fudge.

Tips and Tricks

Did you know fudge is one of the simplest treats you can make, when you use this method?

  • Boil heavy cream with butter and sugar, then pour the hot mixture over a bowl of marshmallow cream and white chocolate chips. Add maple extract and beat until everything is smooth and combined. Using a stand mixer with the whisk attachment makes this quick and easy!
  • From here, just fold in the chopped nuts, pour into a pan and refrigerate. Within a few hours, you can chop the fudge into squares and enjoy a delicious nutty homemade treat!

You can freeze this fudge too! Double wrap the fudge in freezer bags (or an airtight freezer safe container) to preserve its freshness. Let frozen fudge thaw in the fridge overnight before eating.

Maple walnut fudge served in a white bowl.

Recipe FAQs

What’s the best way to store homemade fudge?

I keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator so it stays good for as long as 2 weeks. For freshest taste, wait to slice the fudge until just before eating. I store it in a block and cut off only the fudge we’ll be eating right away.

Can I use milk or half and half instead of the cream?

I don’t recommend it. This fudge needs the fat content present in heavy cream for best texture and flavor.

How do you keep fudge from sticking to the pan?

Make sure to line your pan with parchment paper before pouring in the fudge mixture. Then, just lift the parchment out of the pan once the fudge is set and you’re ready to slice!

You’ll love the classic maple flavor and the nutty crunch in this treat! Maple Walnut Fudge is claiming its rightful place in the fudge flavor hall of fame right alongside Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge and Vanilla Fudge this week.

Eating this also reminded me it’s high time I make some more White Chocolate Raspberry Fudge again too!

Pieces of maple walnut fudge on a parchment paper with spoonful of fluff.

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Maple Walnut Fudge

4.74 from 23 votes
By: Aimee
One of the most requested fudge recipes is finally here: Maple Walnut Fudge. Velvety smooth fudge with maple flavoring and chunks of walnut in every bite!
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Additional Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 38 minutes
Servings: 64


  • 2 cups Granulated Sugar
  • ¾ cup Heavy Cream
  • ¾ cup Unsalted Butter
  • pinch of Salt
  • 7 ounces Marshmallow Cream
  • 11 ounces White Chocolate Chips
  • 2 teaspoons Maple Flavoring
  • ¾ cup Walnuts Chopped
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  • In a large mixing bowl, combine marshmallow cream, white chocolate morsels and maple flavoring. Set aside. (I put this in my electric mixing bowl with whisk attachment).
  • In a large saucepan, combine sugar, heavy cream, butter and salt. Heat over medium high heat and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Once boiling (a good rolling boil), continue boiling over medium high heat for 5 minutes (still stirring). After 5 minutes, remove from heat and pour over the marshmallow cream, white chocolate morsels and maple extract.
  • Blend mixture for about 1-2 minutes until smooth (and white chocolate is melted). Fold in chopped walnuts.
  • Pour into a parchment paper lined 8 or 9-inch baking dish. Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight. Cut into bite sized pieces and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. ENJOY.


  • Maple extract can also be used, but it won’t give the fudge the rich color (it will leave your fudge a creamy white). Don’t use maple syrup as it’s not concentrated enough.
  • You can freeze this fudge too! Double wrap the fudge in freezer bags (or an airtight freezer safe container) to preserve its freshness. Let frozen fudge thaw in the fridge overnight before eating.


Calories: 98kcal, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 6g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 10mg, Sodium: 10mg, Sugar: 11g
Course: Candy
Cuisine: American
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Posted on February 20, 2023

Comments & Reviews

  1. 5 stars
    I found this last year and made it. It was a huge hit and was heavily requested for this Christmas! Perfect recipe and amazing fudge! I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste and 1/2 teaspoon butter extract and it was next level!

  2. Why does the butter keep seperating out of all the fudges I try to make? I thought it was the brand of butter, but switching doesnt make a difference. Sometimes its EVERY batch. It didnt used to be a issue, but it is happening more often now and i dont understand why. It will start mixing and immediately get slushy. So I’ll turn up the beaters and it will mix nice and as I’m trying to pour it out into containers it re-seperates, then butter shein is all over the top of the fudge. If I remix it it falls apart and looks chunky . Help lol

  3. I use evaporated milk in a can but I boil it with the sugar and a stick of butter until it gets thick. when tested. Than I pour in my white choc. chips maple extract and marshmallow cream Than I add the chopped walnuts. I have people asking for it esp. at Christmas time. It turns out delicious…

  4. I love fudge! I have made all kinds from traditional, to peanut butter, to cookies and cream, I will definitely have to try this one out! 🙂

    1. I can’t Waite to try this fudge. I love. Maple flavor. I intend to give all kinds of homemade sweets for Christmas.

    1. Real maple syrup isn’t as concentrated as maple extract, so you would need MORE to get the flavor needed, which could alter the texture of the fudge.

    1. What is marshmallow cream? I live in the UK and have not heard about this item and is there any substitute? Thanks Val

  5. Have you ever made this recipe without the maple flavoring? Not a maple fan, and just want the white chocolate and walnut flavor. Thank you!

  6. Hi, I’ve never made fudge before sooo this was my first. It came out really yummy but the maple flavor was not very noticeable. I used the amout indicated – the brand is McCormick real maple extract. Did I do something wrong?

    1. I have found that depending on the brand of extract and the brand of white chocolate, you will sometimes see this happening 🙁 Next time, i suggest you add more maple. Sometimes, people HATE when the maple over shadows a recipe, as it can be very intense.

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