Hanky Panky’s

A classic family recipe that is made for every occasion. Hanky Panky’s anyone?

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Hanky Panky's are a family favorite in our house! Spicy pork sausage with creamy velveeta baked on a slice of pumpernickel!

Every family has those recipes hidden in their vaults. The ones they make year after year, holiday after holiday, birthday after birthday.

You forget that there is even a “recipe” because you’ve made them so many times you have it memorized.

Until a friend comes over and ask for the recipe. Then you have to stumble and think and try to recall exactly how you made it. Because nobody is ever happy with just ingredients, they want exact measurements. Am I right?

These Hanky Panky’s are a staple at our family functions. Late at night, after dinner has been eaten, dessert has been demolished, my mom always brings out a hot plate of hanky panky’s. Always.

They go very well with a game of cards, laughter, and late night hunger pains!

Just be warned, these don’t last long. By the time you take a batch out of the oven, the plate is empty and waiting for the next batch.

Want a few tips to keep your entertaining a little less stressful?

  • First, plan your menu in advance! Do your shopping as early as possible. Seriously, you don’t want to be out there while the shelves are empty!
  • These Hanky Panky’s can be made up ahead of time. There is rarely a time when my mom doesn’t have a batch of these in her freezer!
  • Brown your sausage, add the cheese and assemble as directed in the instructions below. Before baking them however, lay them on a flat cookie sheet and place them in the freezer. After an hour, when they have begun to harden, stack them in a freezer safe Ziploc bag! Label and save them until ready to serve.
  • When your party has arrived, and you think it’s time to bring out a batch, place them on your cookie sheet while frozen. Bake a few extra minutes until the bottom crisps up and the cheese begins to sizzle. PERFECTION!

Enjoy a batch of Hanky Panky’s today. Or tomorrow. Or make them for New Years! Be sure to visit Food Fanatic for more delicious recipes!

Hanky Panky's are a family favorite in our house! Spicy pork sausage with creamy velveeta baked on a slice of pumpernickel!


Hanky Panky's are a family favorite in our house! Spicy pork sausage with creamy velveeta baked on a slice of pumpernickel!

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17 comments on “Hanky Panky’s”

  1. These look great. Happy early new year!

  2. Hanky Panky’s? I have never heard of these but if they are a family vault recipe, they have to be amazing!!

  3. The name makes me giggle and I totally want to try these!

  4. I have also never heard of hanky pankys, but I know quite a few people who would love them!

  5. I’ve definitely never heard of these before, but they sound right up my alley!

  6. I can honestly say I have never every heard of this before. But it’s cheese, sausage, and bread, so I know I would love and devour so many if that plate was in front of me.

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  8. I haven’t had hanky pankys since my friend made them for a football party years ago. Love!! So excited to have a recipe for it.

  9. Jackie

    We make these with hot sausage, oregano and worchestshire. Love them!

  10. Sandy

    I’ve had these before and they are DELICIOUS!  
    The recipe I had were made with Worcestershire & Oregano as well.  Soooo good!!!

  11. Anonymous

    The recipe I have calls for 2 Tbsp ketchup and 2 Tbsp Worcestershire and garlic salt/oregano to taste
    when melting the cheese with the sausage. So good!

  12. Anonymous

    Have a recipe like this called for hot sausage and some dry mustard with the velvetta very good also and not that hot 

  13. Crystal

    My family has a recipe like this too! We use venison and then add a little mustard and ketchup to the velvetta for a different sort of tangy flavor. We would also alternate between the pumpernickel and the rye. It’s soo good they were my favorite at Christmas time as a kid.

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