Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re looking for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, this recipe is the answer. Crunchy on the outside, and chewy and soft in the center!

If you're looking for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, this recipe is the answer. Crunchy on the outside, and chewy and soft in the center!

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Anyone out there own a fitbit? If so, tell me if you have this same problem.

If the battery is ever dead, or if I forget to wear it, I have this mental argument with myself that my workout no longer counts. I mean, how ridiculous is that?

I’m so attached to the number on my screen, when I look at my fitbit app on my phone, that I get a little obsessive compulsive. Which can be good and bad. BAD because like I just mentioned, I convince myself that my workout was meaningless it wasn’t properly documented. GOOD because it makes me want to workout and take my steps every day!

Speaking of steps…I think my fitbit might be broken, too. My husband and I can be on a walk, doing the exact amount of miles at the exact same time…and his steps are double mine. Even though he is taller with a longer stride. What the heck? It bothers me to the point that I refuse to ask his steps anymore! And I may have to “unfriend” him on my fitbit app.

One thing we do have in sync is our love for chocolate chip cookies.

If you're looking for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, this recipe is the answer. Crunchy on the outside, and chewy and soft in the center!

When we first got married we spent YEARS trying to find the perfect cookie recipe. I began following the Crisco recipe with a few alterations of my own and it has become our most favorite version. SO much so, that we are often asked for our cookie recipe.

Why use shortening in cookies?

I will tell you right now, butter does NOT work in the recipe. Some of you will ask. Some of you will tell me you don’t like using Crisco. That’s okay. Do a search for another cookie recipe on the blog. This one though is most successful with Crisco. If you MUST use butter, make sure it’s softened. And you’re going to want to chill your cookie dough for at least 24 hours before baking.

However, what the Crisco does in this recipe is provide a nice crunchy exterior on the cookie while maintaining a soft chewy center. Truly, a perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe in my opinion!

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If you're looking for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, this recipe is the answer. Crunchy on the outside, and chewy and soft in the center!

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Yield: 4 dozen large cookies

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 13 minutes
Total Time 28 minutes
Soft and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.


  • 1 1/2 cup butter flavored Crisco
  • 2 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • pinch of allspice
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 packages (12oz each) milk chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 375F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine crisco, sugar, milk, vanilla and eggs. Beat until well blended.
  3. Add in flour, salt, baking soda, and spices. Beat until fully combined. Fold in chocolate chips.
  4. Using a 3 Tbsp scoop, drop onto parchment paper lined baking sheets about 2 inches apart. Bake for 11-13 minutes, until outside of cookie is lightly browned. Remove from oven and allow to cool several minutes on baking sheet. Remove and cool completely on wire rack. The number of cookies is determined by the size scoop you use. I prefer these to be larger...which yields about 3-4 dozen cookies.
  5. You can also drop cookie dough onto parchment paper and freeze for 20 minutes. Then take firm cookie dough balls and place in ziploc bag. Freeze until ready to bake. You can bake these from frozen, but add on a few extra minutes to your bake time. ENJOY.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 cookie

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 162 Total Fat: 8g Saturated Fat: 5g Trans Fat: 0g Unsaturated Fat: 2g Cholesterol: 25mg Sodium: 170mg Carbohydrates: 21g Fiber: 1g Sugar: 13g Protein: 2g
If you're looking for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, this recipe is the answer. Crunchy on the outside, and chewy and soft in the center!

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Recipe originally published August 27, 2015

**There may be affiliate links in this post! By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation. However, I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting Shugary Sweets! See my disclosure policy for more info**

40 comments on “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. These definitely look pretty perfect — I need to try them and eat a dozen to find out!!

  2. I love chocolate chip cookies and searched years for the perfect one. When I was first married, I couldn’t make them to save my life. They always spread thin when baking so my husband had to make them (frustrating!) These look perfectly delicious!

  3. I had a fit bit for 2 years and then decided to quit using it. I felt that I was slacking on getting a good workout because I got 10k steps for the day! But YES! When I had mine, if I forgot to wear it or if the battery went dead, I felt lost, scared and alone all day long!

    Now on to these cookies, could you send a batch stat? They look wonderful, Aimee!

  4. Crunchy edges and chewy middles are my favorite parts of chocolate chip cookies- delicious! Pinning!

  5. I have never tried the fitbit, but my mom has one… I will have to ask her if she likes it and if she has the same problems you have BEFORE I invest in one!  Anyways, these chocolate chip cookies look pretty dang perfect!  Soft, stuffed with chocolate chips and totally delectable!  I’ll take a dozen… and some milk please! 🙂  Pinned!  Cheers, and thanks for sharing the yum!

  6. I know some people are opposed to Crisco, but if you want a thick cookie, it just has to happen. These look amazing! I definitely have to try these.

  7. I doesn’t get much better than a good chocolate chip cookie! Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside is the best!

  8. That’s totally unfair that his fitbit counts more steps!  I wouldn’t be asking for steps either.  LOL!  He clearly must be cheating some how.  Haha Michael!  Ok, this is pretty much our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe too.  Love that butter crisco for making one awesome cookie!  I love that you double it and make bigger cookies!!!

  9. I love cookies, And I always search for new recipes, your 27th August cookies recipes is wonderful, thanks for details

  10. I hate when I forget my Fitbit! We have step challenges in our house too! 

  11. Mir

    So the big reason I never bought the Fitbit for myself (even though I am a workout fanatic) is that I am so obsessive already that I was seriously afraid I’d have to spend every day beating the previous one. Not so much fun! So instead, I just get up every morning, work out, and call it a day. 🙂
    If a cookie recipe has Crisco in it, I know that it’s SO dang good. Just like my grandmother used to do! Though I think she called it “spry.” Anyway, these look perfect!

  12. These cookies look amazing!!!

  13. Haha, I’ve actually always wanted a Fitbit but maybe I would become too obsessed over the numbers if I had one. I can’t believe I have never tried Crisco in cookies! Clearly that needs to chance ASAP.

  14. I love the nutmeg and allspice in here Aimee! interesting way to change it up. I don’t have a fitbit but I’m sure if I did I would become majorly obsessive! 

  15. Speaking of fitbits, I need to charge mine tonight 🙂 And I totally know what you mean – I think it might not be 100% accurate on the steps. Just round up 😉 These cookies do look perfect Aimee and you’re right, shortening is the way to go for a really perfect cookie.  Looks good to me!

  16. Matthew

    This is exactly how I picture the perfect chocolate chip cookie in my head. The word ‘perfect’ and ‘best’ get bandied about a lot, but these really look like perfection. 

  17. The perfect chocolate cookie? I have to try it now.

  18. I want to try it now. Thank you for chocolate cookie cookie recipes.

  19. Barb

    Wonderful recipe! Made exactly as written..thanks!

  20. Wilhelmina

    My mother always swears by crisco in her cookies, I think it helps add the perfect structure for that crunchy/chewy combo! I am saving youR recipe and making these ASAP!

  21. Sues

    This post made me laugh because I am SO the same way with my Apple watch!! If I’m not wearing it, why bother working out?? I also get really annoyed that my husband burns calories so much faster than I do even though I KNOW that it is supposed to be that way. Ugh. Anyway, we would also be in sync on these cookies. There’s really nothing better than a good chocolate chip cookie recipe and these look perfect!

  22. Holly

    OMG. That looks sooooo good. I can’t think of a better dessert…ever :). Love the twist on something I adore.

  23. Cheryl

    i stopped looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe once we made these!! WINNING!

  24. lauren kelly

    I am always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie! am going to make these for a party this weekend!

  25. Joanie

    You’re right, this is probably one of the best cookie recipes! I used to shy away from using Crisco but it absolutely works here and the cookies are fantastic. I think I’ll be making another batch today!

  26. I am pretty sure there isn’t a better cookie than a Chocolate Chip Cookie! YUM! I am going to try this recipe! Thanks!

  27. Becky Hardin

    Nothing better then a hot chocolate chip cookie! 

  28. Liz

    Ever since we moved, and baking in an electric oven now, my cookies are hard. I need to try this recipe for sure!

  29. Julie Blanner

    I love chocolate chip cookies, and love looking for new recipes! Can’t wait to make these!

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  31. JK

    Aimee,  i’ve been making chocolate chip cookies since I was seven years old. Crisco was the shortening of choice back then and remained that way until about 15 years ago when Crisco changed it’s the contents of its product. You’re probably too young to remember this . At that time McDonald’s also had to change their grease for frying their french fries which completely change the taste of their french fries I have not  had their fries since then. 
     With that said my question to you is why the butter flavored Crisco? My chocolate chip cookie making days have slow down immensely in the past 15 years due to Crisco changing their product.
     Brown sugar is what generally makes the chocolate chip cookies chewy and soft on the inside but the absence of white sugar confuses me could you please explain why? 
     I’ve tried several recipes through the years and nothing compares to the chocolate chip cookie recipe with the old product content in Crisco. 
    I’m in hopes that you will answer this comment. I would love to have your thoughts on why the butter flavored Crisco and no white sugar, many thanks JK

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  33. Mollie

    I could never get my Fitbit to accurately count my steps. I would even count out 100 steps and then check my Fitbit and it would show 70 steps. I took all the steps to calibrate to my steps and no such luck. I also quit askin my husband how many steps he had as it was always double. One time, I went went with family members on a hike. They all got 20k steps and I got 14k for the same exact hike. Switched to an Apple Watch and I still have problems with counting steps. Maybe I don’t move my arms enough.   Enough of exercise talk…. these look like amazing CCC. I have no problem with the Crisco and looking forward to trying them out with the addition of spices.  The recipe has been saved and will be made soon. I also like the idea of not chilling since sometimes the mood strikes me to make CCC at odd hours and I don’t always have the time to plan.  Thanks for sharing and I love this series.  

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